New Online Course: IRA Investment in Real Estate - Part 2

Many retirement investors today are wondering, ‘Where has all the money gone?’ Despite recent market decline, most investors still have substantially more cash in their retirement accounts than in their personal coffers. Many are anxious to begin rebuilding their wealth and this time they are seeking hard assets like real estate in addition to or instead of the paper assets that recently betrayed investor trust.

UncleIRALet Uncle IRA teach you about the needs of the investor buyer and the available liquidity in the self-directed IRA market, and you stand to position yourself miles above your colleagues.

This course is designed as a follow up to Part 1 and will dig a little deeper into the ins and outs of using IRA investments in real estate. A more detailed understanding of IRA accounts, disqualified persons, purchasing with an entity and background into relevant case studies will be presented. 

Investing IRA assets in Real estate has been a well-kept "secret" opportunity. It is true; you and your clients may invest their IRA in real estate. You may help your clients buy real estate with their IRAs, opening an entirely new avenue for commissions. You may also buy and sell real estate in your own IRA/SEP or 401k plan, taking advantage of the "wholesale" market as a real estate broker and taking advantage of tax deferred retirement investment.

This course will build upon the introduction to making real estate investments with a self-directed IRA that was offered in Part 1. After completing this two hour course, you will be able to:

  • Define a disqualified person
  • Outline the process for partnering with other IRA accounts 
  • Provide a higher level of service to your clients through knowledge of alternative funding sources
  • Identify prohibited transactions, and 
  • Explain LLC basics for purchasing and selling IRA-owned real estate 

Don't let new strategies or ideas pass you by in the new real estate economy. Log on today to learn this timely and valuable information and to prepare yourself for future success.    >>> Click Here for more information!  or to Register Online today!

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