14-Hour Florida License Renewal Package & Ethics

Online Real Estate Course Package

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This Florida continuing education license renewal package covers the 14 hours of approved content required for real estate sales associates and brokers and includes the 3-hour Core Law course, a Listings Analyzer course, a Technology course, and the 4-hour Ethics for REALTORS® course.

Courses in This Program

1. EcoBroker: Current Trends in Sustainability

EcoBroker: Current Trends in Sustainability

EcoBroker® Designees, REALTORS®, real estate licensees, and other fiduciary service professionals in the real estate industry, can take the Current Trends in Sustainability course to stay on top of your game. This EcoBroker® Trends course is open to all industry professionals who serve real estate buyers, sellers, and property owners interested in saving money, living and working more comfortably, finding healthier water, finding green financing sources, and exploring some of the subtleties of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and other sustainability solutions for real property.

2. Ethics for REALTORS® (REALTORS® Code of Ethics Training)

Ethics for REALTORS® (REALTORS® Code of Ethics Training)

Effective January 1995, the National Association of REALTORS® Code of Ethics was significantly modified to consider the development of new roles for the real estate licensee. Specifically, the ethical considerations relating to the new role of transaction broker, and for buyer agents, have mandated changes in the NAR Code of Ethics. Since 1995, the National Association of REALTORS has continued to revise and expand the Code of Ethics.

3. Florida Core Law - Avoiding the Danger Zone

Florida Core Law Course

Laws governing real estate are complex and varied. This course provides an advanced look into real estate law beyond the basic sales associates’ course. The material is not designed to make participants legal experts, but rather to help them identify and understand legal issues that arise. This material will also provide a "red flag notice" of when participants are potentially going into a danger zone—the unlicensed practice of law.

4. The SWS Listing Analyzer for Expired Listings

SWS Listing Analyzer for Expired Listings

This course will highlight what areas should be reviewed and how to communicate your findings to sellers. The good news about expired listings is that another agent has already done a lot of your work for you. They've tested the market and have provided you and the seller with valuable data on what didn't work. Your job now is to 1) uncover that data and 2) analyze that data and then 3) recommend and make adjustments based on your findings that will result in a different (better) outcome for the seller.