Texas Broker Responsibility Package

Online Real Estate Course Package

Package Price: $99

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This Texas real estate continuing education package is designed to meet the requirements for Brokers in Texas and provides you the most cost effective way to complete your 18-hr Continuing Education Requirements including the mandatory Broker Responsibility Course, and renew your real estate Broker License.

Courses in This Program

1. Contracts

Texas Contracts Course

The purpose of this course will be to introduce students to the most recent updates in Texas Contracts & Forms, which are mandatory for use in 2021. Successful completion grants 3 hours of elective CE credit in Texas. This course is designed for licensees who are already familiar with contracts and forms.

2. Broker Responsibility Course

Texas Broker Responsibility Course

The Texas Broker Responsibility course is a 6 Credit-Hour course that meets the Texas real estate CE requirements for Broker Responsibility course credit hours. This is the required and TREC-approved version that runs from January 1, 2019 - December 31, 2020.

This course is presented without modification as required by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC).

3. 2020-2021 TREC Legal Update 1

TREC Legal Update 1

Texas real estate licensees face a changing marketplace in which quick decisions can make the difference in closing a transaction. Maintaining competence in this increasingly competitive profession demands that licensees receive up-to-date information on current legal issues. The goal of each new edition of the Texas Non-Elective education is to continue challenging licensees to maintain high ethical standards.

4. 2020-2021 TREC Legal Update 2

TREC Legal Update 2

It might not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about real estate, but for those working in the industry, it is essential to be aware of and protect yourself from danger, risk, or injury, be it on your home turf or among the clients and customers you work so hard to serve.

5. Fair Housing: Liability & Obligations

Real Estate Safety Course

Reducing fair housing liability risk begins with understanding and awareness. It involves a commitment to uphold fair housing laws and end discrimination.

According to HUD, almost 40 years after passage of the landmark Federal Fair Housing Act, one in five African Americans and one in three individuals with disabilities still face housing discrimination in the United States.