180-Hour Texas Standard Package

Online Real Estate Course Package

Package Price: $495

The 180-hour program structure is determined and regulated by the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). The sequence of courses and other activities below is carefully designed to make the most of your education, and your time.

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Pre-License Program Outline

  • Principles of Real Estate I

    Texas Principles of Real Estate I

    This course covers national (or general) real estate knowledge, real estate terminology and professional obligations. (30 hours)

  • Principles of Real Estate II

    Texas Principles of Real Estate II

    This course begins with a discussion of real estate mathematics, financing, and appraisal before introducing the students to investments, leases, property management, title transfer, land use, specializations and closing procedures.(30 hours)

  • Real Estate Finance

    Texas Real Estate Finance

    Covers all aspects of Real Estate Finance, including The Monetary System, Sources of Money, the Lending Process, Insurance, and current Legislation and Rules governing Real Estate Finance. (30 hours)

  • Law of Contracts

    Texas Law of Contracts

    Covers the study of contract law in general and real estate contracts in particular. (30 hours)

  • Law of Agency

    Texas Law of Agency

    Covers the principal and agent relationship and the law of agency in general, including agency aspects of the principal-broker relationship. (30 hours)

  • File your Application with TREC

    TREC must approve your application before you are allowed to take the state licensing exam. Waiting until later may delay getting your license.

  • Fingerprints & Background Check

    Apply now for the fingerprints and criminal background check that are REQUIRED before a license will issue. Waiting until after you take the licensing exam may delay getting your license.

    IMPORTANT: It is possible to be inelligible for a TX real estate license due to a criminal background. Please visit the TREC Website to learn more.

  • Promulgated Contracts

    Texas Promulgated Contracts

    Students will gain a working knowledge of the contract forms and terminology necessary to deliver properly completed contracts during a Texas real estate transaction. (30 hours)

  • Exam Prep is Important!

    Your final two courses are VanEd's Exam Preparation courses which prepare you for the Texas exams. Passing BOTH exam prep courses is STRONGLY RECOMMENDED in order to help you pass the state exam.

  • Real Estate Exam Prep (General)

    Real Estate Exam Prep (General)

    VanEd General Exam Prep provides extensive practice with exams that closely match the general knowledge portion of your state licensing exam.

  • Texas Real Estate Exam Prep

    Texas Real Estate Exam Prep

    VanEd Texas Real Estate School State Exam Prep provides extensive practice with exams that closely match the state specific portion of the Texas real estate licensing exam.

  • Schedule your Licensing Exam

    Licensing Exams are administered by PearsonVue. You will be sent a notice with instructions for scheduling an exam and obtaining a copy of the exam Candidate Handbook.

    NOTE: If you fail the licensing exam three times, additional education will be required.

  • Review, Review, Review

    Use your results in both exam prep courses to guide your review.

    • In both exam prep courses, repeat the Topic Exams and Summary Exams.
    • Review any of the primary courses, particularly the first few courses that you took when you first began the coursework.
    • Contact our instructors with questions - we are here to help.
    • Be sure to check out the exam taking tips and hints the night before your exam date.
  • Pass your Exam!

    Congratulations! You passed your Texas licensing exam and are off to begin an exciting new career!

  • Take Our Survey

    On the evening of your exam we will send you an email with a brief online survey about your exam experience. Please help us improve by completing this survey.

  • Find a Sponsor

    After meeting the above requirements, you will be issued an inactive license and you will need to be sponsored by an active Texas License Broker to work. You can complete a sponsorship request on TRECÂ’s site using their online services.