Colorado Contracts and Closings - 72-Hour Course Package

Online Real Estate Course Package

Package Price: $350

Designed for brokers from another state licensed less than two years, the 72 credit hour program includes Exam Prep for the state portion of the Colorado Broker License Exam.

The 72-hour program structure is determined and regulated by DPOS and the Colorado Real Estate Commission. The sequence of courses and other activities below is carefully designed to make the most of your education, and your time.

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Pre-License Program Outline

  • Background Check

    Apply immediately for the background checks required prior to taking the Colorado licensing exam. VanEd provides the all the instructions and information needed.

  • 1st Course: Colorado Contracts & Regulations

    Learn about Colorado real estate license law, statutes, and each of the Colorado contracts and related forms in detail. (48 hours)

  • 2nd Course: Colorado Closings

    Learn how to close a real estate transaction including the closing process, accounting for funds, and all the documents prepared by the broker. (24 hours)

  • Exam Prep is Important!

    VanEd's two Exam Preparation courses are the final step in your education. Passing both exam prep courses is required before you are ready to take the state licensing exam.

  • Exam Prep: General

    Provides topic review and extensive practice with exams that closely match the general knowledge portion of the licensing exam.

  • Exam Prep: Colorado Specific

    Provides topic review and extensive practice with exams that closely match the state specific portion of the licensing exam.

  • Schedule your Licensing Exam

    Schedule your exam date for about a week after completing the 2nd exam prep course. This will keep information fresh and allow time to study. VanEd provides all the certificates and instructions you need to apply for the exam.

  • Review, Review, Review

    Use your results in both exam prep courses to guide your review.

    • In both exam prep courses, repeat the Topic Exams and Summary Exams.
    • Review both of the two primary courses focusing on your weakest topics.
    • Contact our instructors with questions - we are here to help.
    • Be sure to check out the exam taking tips and hints the night before your exam date.
  • Pass your Exam!

    Congratulations! You passed your Colorado licensing exam!

  • Take our survey

    On the evening of your exam we will send you a brief online survey about your exam experience. Please help us improve by completing this survey.

  • Obtain Errors & Omissions Insurance

    You must have an Errors & Omissions (E&O) insurance policy before obtaining an active license.
    Learn More: Errors and Omissions (E&O) Insurance

  • Apply for your License

    Instructions, resources and other help are online with the Colorado Real Estate Commission.
    Learn More: License Application & Instructions

Program Overview

This package will address contracts, regulations and closings. Students will be instructed on when to use certain disclosures and the proper use of mandated forms and documentation. 

Students will also review the closing process and proper accounting of the six column worksheets. We include exam prep for our qualifying education students as well to help you prepare to pass the state licensing examination.

This program is designed for brokers (managing/exmploying) from another state licensed less than two years. The 72 credit hour program includes Exam Prep to help students prepare to pass the Colorado Broker License Exam. Completion of this package is acceptable for Qualfiying Education Credit and students completing this program will also have met the education requirements necessary to sit for the Colorado Real Estate Brokers license exam. Please verify with the Commission that you are eligible for this program before registration.

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Define Rules related to contracts and forms
  • Describe what a six column worksheet is
  • Describe the contract to buy and sell
  • Identify when to use certain disclosures
  • Effectively advise or counsel buyers regarding the risk and the forms used in any given transaction

Contracts & Regulations - 48 hours

  1. Contracts to Buy and Sell Real Estate (Residential)
  2. Contracts to Buy and Sell Real Estate (Income - Residential)
  3. Contracts to Buy and Sell Real Estate (Land)
  4. Contracts to Buy and Sell Real Estate (Commercial)
  5. Residential and Short Sale Addendums
  6. Other forms

Closings - 24 hour

  1. Completing the documents related to closing
  2. Six column worksheets
  3. Rules related to proper accounting at closings

Each course contains numerous student interactivity exercises and exams and is completed with a multiple choice final exam. Students completing this package will receive an REC-33 certificate demonstrating completion that is required to sit for both parts of the Colorado licensing examination.

Note: You may verify your program status using the VanEd License Finder tool online.