Real Estate Law & Practice

Real Estate License Course Details

Real Estate Law & Practice

The real estate principles course (referred to in CO as Law and Practice) covers the national portion of real estate pre-licensing principles (those areas which are common to all states). You will learn the basic principles of real estate, real estate law, and the practice of real estate.

This course includes all the state required elements, including an overview of licensing, ethics of practice, titles to and conveyance of real estate, legal descriptions, deeds encumbrances and liens, distinctions between personal and real property, appraisal, finance and regulations, closing procedures, real estate mathematics, and instruction on federal, state, and local laws relating to housing discrimination, housing credit discrimination, and community reinvestment.

The student will need to complete the reading assignments as well as the instructor reviews and exams.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this program, the student will be able to,

  • Define "real estate" & "real property"
  • Summarize the types of land descriptions used in the United States
  • Define the various types of agency relationships
  • Define zoning and government controls on real estate
  • Communicate Federal fair housing laws
  • List various types of taxation in real estate
  • Define types of financing used in real estate transactions
  • List the key terminology in real estate
  • Identify the different types and basic principles of value
  • Explain basic environmental hazards
  • Students should make certain they read and review all of the information presented.

Students can expect numerous exercises, quizzes, case studies, flashcards, infographics, videos, and other forms of training. The course will be completed with a cumulative final exam. All elements presented in the course are required for course completion.