Oklahoma Real Estate License Exam Prep

Real Estate License Course Details

VanEd's Oklahoma specific Real Estate License Exam Prep provides extensive practice with topics and exams that closely match the state specific portion of the Oklahoma real estate licensing exam for both the salesperson and broker license levels.

Who should take Oklahoma Real Estate Exam Prep?

The VanEd Oklahoma Real Estate Exam Prep course represents an excellent opportunity to prepare for the Oklahoma state exam. Anyone who is preparing for the salesperson or broker level real estate license exam should consider taking exam prep.

Real Estate Salesperson Topic Review
We have included a brief review of the topics covered on the Oklahoma state salesperson exam.  These include: Laws & Rules, Broker Relationships, Property Management and Disclosures.

Real Estate Broker Topic Review
The Oklahoma real estate broker license exam includes several topics in addition to those covered in the salesperson exam. These include: Trust Accounts, Operations, Advertising, Trade Names, Cessation of Activities, and Broker Issues.

Oklahoma Practice Exams
There are practice exams covering a range of Oklahoma specific topics from the state exam with study hints provided to help guide your review. Topics covered include: OREC, OK Laws and Rules, Broker Relationships, Disclosure, Specialized Property Operation and Trust Accounts.

Oklahoma Summary Exams
VanEd's Exam Prep Summary exams are a comprehensive test of your real estate knowledge, and closely match the state portion of the Oklahoma real estate licensing exam. There are two timed summary exams (salesperson and broker), each with questions drawn randomly from a larger pool so that you are tested multiple times on the same material. The summary exams will have the same topic distribution, delivery method and time limits as the state exam.

Upon completion of each exam the student is provided the full list of questions, an analysis by category of exam questions, and an overall score for the exam.

Example Oklahoma Exam Results - Statistics

The reporting is designed to provide a student with the topic areas where additional study might be appropriate.

What are the categories that will be covered in each summary exam?
The state portion of the Oklahoma real estate examination consists of fifty (50) items on the Salesperson exam, and seventy (70) on the Broker Exam.

The categories and number of questions associated with each exam are as follows.



Salesperson Exam


Broker Exam

OK Real Estate Laws & Rules 25 20
OK Broker Relationships 13 11
Property Management 6 6
Disclosures 6 5
Trust Accounts - 8
Broker Operational Procedures - 10
Closing Statements - 10