Real Estate Practice

Real Estate License Course Details

Real Estate Practice

This mandatory California Real Estate Practice pre-license course provides a detailed understanding of the state real estate laws governing real estate businesses and agencies.

Course Outline

The course begins with an introduction to agencies, agency relationships, and agency induction. The course continues to explore the different types of agency relationships, agency laws, and agency termination.

Following agency information, you'll learn about the laws surrounding California listing agreements and property disclosures. The course covers the various types of mandatory disclosures for brokers and real estate agencies.

Course Topics

This course goes in-depth on important real estate topics, including:

  • Discussion of ethical sales techniques and practices
  • Methods of negotiating a price and writing up a counteroffer
  • Pricing of property
  • Process of preparing and negotiating offers
  • Importance of planning for contingent transactions
  • Different types of contingencies
  • The processes for closing successful transactions

By the end of this course, you'll thoroughly understand real estate practices.

This course prepares you to understand the loan qualifying process well enough to advise and assist prospective clients and reviews loans and qualifications for different buyers.

This course details complicated issues, including your responsibilities as an agent to explain the underwriting process to the buyer, explaining how to choose a loan that works best for differing buyer’s needs, and understanding the characteristics of different types of loans.

The course closes on a module about property management.