Foundations in Real Estate: Marketing, Finance & Investment, No. 540

Real Estate License Course Details

Foundations in Real Estate: Marketing, Finance & Investment, No. 540

Course Introduction

This VanEd 30-hour SAE course is designed to focus students on key industry issues that affect the daily practice of real estate. These issues highlighted below, need to be focused on by the real estate professional in order to both assist and protect the public. The course includes three distinct modules of information covering Real Estate Business Basics, Finance, and Investment and Management issues.

This course is designed to present students with an array of key topics which will allow the student to more closely review areas of real estate practice that may impact their clients and customers on a day-to-day basis.

First Module: Marketing

In the first module of the course, we will review key marketing concepts that all real estate professionals should be aware of. For some students, these will be a refresher or reminder of previously utilized methods or methodology. Students are encouraged to review these areas to ensure that the focus on rules and regulations is being met.

Second Module: Finance

In the second module of the course, the student will discover a review of critical financial issues before moving into the third and final module of the course which discusses investment real estate issues.

Third Module: Investment

Here the student will put to use the practical information found throughout the course as they construct an investment analysis using the information presented in the course.


Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this course students will be able to:

  • Identify responsible business practices related to marketing real property
  • Review and Explain critical financing issues involved in real estate transactions
  • Assist clients and customers in the proper handling of Investment transactions

These key core concepts can help lead the student towards a successful career in real estate.

Table of Contents


  1. Business Planning
  2. Marketing
  3. Growing your Business and Yourself
  4. Consumer Buying Habits
  5. Counseling Interview
  6. Selecting Properties
  7. Showing Properties
  8. Negotiating and Closing the Sale
  9. Customizing your Services
  10. Listing Presentations
  11. Servicing the Listing
  12. The Offer Stage
  13. From Contract to Closing and Beyond
  14. Reducing Risk
  15. Disclosures
  16. Antitrust & Fair Housing


  1. Monetary System
  2. Sources of Money
  3. Transactions and the Lending Process
  4. Insurance

Investment & Management

  1. Investment Basics
  2. Real Estate Investment
  3. Managing Investment Real Estate
  4. Fair Housing
  5. Financial Terms
  6. Financing Investment Real Estate
  7. Risk/Profit

The course contains quizzes, exercises, flashcards, and numerous online field trips. It is completed with a multiple choice final exam.

Upon completing this course students will receive an SAE certificate of completion that they may use as evidence of passing the course with the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC). We remind you that new licensees in Texas are also required to complete three (3) 30 hour SAE courses and both Legal Update I & II (98 hours) within the first two years of licensure.