Colorado Practical Applications

Real Estate License Course Details

Colorado Practical Applications

This course helps provide some guidance to new brokers by discussing the importance of setting up personal goals and a business plan as well as how to go about getting started on marketing. The course objective is to protect the public by providing an overview for new real estate brokers in the application of laws, rules and standard of practices. Other practical information, such as working with sellers and buyers, showing property, writing an offer, and the closing process, are also addressed.

Throughout this course students will be informed about market trends and the proper mechanics of practicing real estate and the basics that will formulate a successful real estate career.

Learning Objectives

At the conclusion of this course the student will be able to;

  • Identify the steps to entering the field of real estate
  • List and recall the core requirements for competency in residential and commercial real estate
  • Describe laws and rules related to property management
  • Review and explain other core business areas in real estate brokerage
  • Review and recite the process and steps involved in a real estate transaction

Students should make certain they read and review all of the information presented.

Students can expect numerous exercises, quizzes, case studies and the course will be completed with a cumulative final exam. All elements presented in the course are required for course completion