Commercial Leasing

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Learning Objective
The purpose of this course is to expose the residential professional to some of the nuts and bolts of commercial leasing, as well as to provide the seasoned practitioner with a refresher or reminder of some of the fundamentals of the system. The perspective we take is that of an objective observer. There are volumes of specialized texts and courses that explore the leasing process from the viewpoint of the tenant or the landlord. Our goal is to supply the practitioner with a more objective view of the needs and concerns of both parties in order to help the real estate professional understand each side's position a little more thoroughly, and perhaps be better equipped to construct a transaction that benefits all parties.

We will cover many of the terms used in commercial leasing, but will focus primarily on two areas; site selection/evaluation and the terms of the "standard" lease.

Table of Contents

  • Unit 1 - Introduction
  • Unit 2 - Overview
    • Site Assessment
    • Representation
    • Analysis of Needs
    • Property Comparison
  • Unit 3 - Location Analysis
  • Unit 4 - Competition
    • Direct vs. Indirect
    • Cannibalism
    • Business Cluster
    • No Competition?
  • Unit 5 - The Lease
    • Standard Lease Myth
    • Types of Leases
    • Important Clauses
  • Unit 6 - Negotiation
  • Glossary
  • Internet Resources

The course contains numerous multiple choice exams, interactive exercises, and is completed with a multiple choice final exam.

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