Finance in Real Estate

Real Estate Continuing Education Course

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This course covers all aspects of Real Estate Finance, including:

  1. The Monetary System
    • Understand the history of mortgage financing in the United States
    • Know how the governmental fiscal policy impacts the availability of mortgage fundsGain
    • Be able to apply Truth in Lending legislation to real estate finance disclosures and advertising
    • Differentiate between lien theory and title theory of finance
    • Identify common real estate finance documents
    • Differentiate between a mortgage and a deed of trust
  2. Sources of Money
    • Know the primary sources of real estate finance money in the United States
    • Identify the characteristics of the various types of mortgage loans
    • Differentiate between the primary and secondary markets
    • Understand the major organizations and purposes of the secondary market
    • Know the workings of an installment land contract
    • Recognize the availability of an all-inclusive deed of trust as a financing source
    • Discuss real estate investment trusts
    • Be aware of the restrictions on broker sales of syndications or securities
    • Recognize and avoid illegal financing schemes
  3. Transactions and the Lending Process
    • Understand the three types of sales transactions from a monetary perspective
    • Know the basic rules of common government-backed loans versus non-government loans
    • Explain the residential loan process and its steps
    • Know how the credit score can affect the mortgage process
  4. Insurance
    • Know the various types of insurance required for the loan transaction
    • Explain mortgage insurance requirements in the real estate process.

Table of Contents

  1. Part I - Monetary System
    • History of Mortgage Financing
    • The Concept of Money and Fiscal Policies
    • Financing Legislation (Lending Laws)
    • Theories of Financing
    • Real Estate Documents
    • Real Estate Loan Documents
    • Foreclosure Procedures
  2. Sources of Money
    • The Primary Market
    • Secondary Mortgage Market
    • Classification of Loans
    • Alternative Financing
    • Illegal Financing Manipulations
  3. Transaction and the Lending Process
    • Types of Sales Transactions
    • Categories of Real Estate Loans
    • The Residential Lending Process
    • Loan Costs and Pricing
  4. Insurance
    • Title Insurance
    • Homeowner's Insurance
    • National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP)
    • Mortgage Insurance
    • Condominium Insurance
    • Rental Policies and Renters Insurance
    • Credit Life Insurance

The course contains a downloadable glossary and numerous multiple choice quizzes / exams, and is completed with a multiple choice exam.

Approved States: NE,OR,WY

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