Principles of Buyer and Tenant Representation

Real Estate Continuing Education Course

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Principles of Buyer and Tenant Representation

This is a basic course on Buyer/Tenant representation.

It is written from the perspective of a former Corporate Real Estate Director and Commercial Broker with more than 40 years in the industry and well over 500 real estate deals of experience. As Brokers, we are the trusted advisors for our Clients.  Our job is to provide a high level of expertise and service to guide our clients to the best possible location and to help them obtain a favorable real estate deal.  We must also use our experience to help them avoid costly mistakes during the process. 

This course presents an overview on the basics of the Buyer/Tenant Broker’s role in the Office, Industrial, and Retail sectors, as well as the purchase or leasing of land for construction.  It provides the Broker with additional tools, better equipping him or her to represent clients in those sectors.  The Broker will be introduced to proven systems that help to reduce site risk for the brick-and-mortar retailer. 

Learning is enhanced through the use of 4 case studies of actual situations the author encountered while on the job and explains the lessons learned from each experience.  The course will teach:

  • How to improve the skills necessary to provide better customer service to the client
  • How international and national economic conditions can affect the local real estate market
  • How to build relationships in order to find clients
  • How to qualify a potential client
  • How Commercial Real Estate reacts to the law of supply and demand
  • How Office, Industrial, Retail, Medical, and Land real estate searches differ and how to conduct a search in each sector
  • How to create a simple Letter of Intent (LOI) for each type of property
  • Why the retail broker needs to create a Site Location Model for his/her client
  • Tips and strategies for negotiating the deal

Approved States: CO,OK,TX