Teams in Nebraska Real Estate

Real Estate Continuing Education Course

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4.5 stars

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Team and Advertising Regulations adopted by the Nebraska Real Estate Commission (NREC) require all team members and team leaders to complete 3 hours of continuing education coursework related to teams and team concepts.  This course covers topics related to teams, including:

  • Team formation and Leadership
  • Broker and Brokerage Firm oversight and policy
  • Advertising and Naming requirements for teams

Students completing this course will also be able to define and explain the requirements for offices and licensing as well as the proper handling of client funds. 

Course Outline

  1. Definition & Common Structures
  2. Supervising & Challenges
  3. Legal Aspects & Advertising

This course is ARELLO certified, approved by the NREC, and is completed with a multiple choice final exam.

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