GRI 109: Streamline Your Business

Real Estate Continuing Education Course

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4.0 stars

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The purpose of this course is to make licensees aware of parts of current tech tools and resources that affect real estate as it relates to customers and to help students identify that marketing works hand in hand with sales, becomes an ongoing process of planning and executing the strategy and tactics for products and services to create a dialogue or communication. 

Real estate licensees have invested a great deal of time and millions of dollars building and improving real estate technology. This course is designed to increase the individual licensee's awareness of key issues while increasing productivity through the use of technology.

This course will cover:

  • Real Estate Tech
  • Technology Risk
  • Hardware & Software

Courses are entirely self-paced and each unit will have a multiple choice exam and/or accompanying assessments. The course is completed upon passing a cumulative multiple choice final exam.  Completion certificates will be issued upon passing.

Approved States: MO

This courses is approved for GRI credit   

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