GRI 114: Business Planning

Real Estate Continuing Education Course

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Real Estate Course Summary Video - GRI 114: Business Planning

One of the keys to a successful real estate practice is identifying and defining business goals and outlining methods of achieving them. It is a detailed description of exactly how a real estate licensee or broker intends to create and operate their business. The business plan is based on research of the industry and an analysis of personal and business income and expenses.  This course covers the creation of a business plan as well as goal setting and the preparation of statistical information for use in goal-setting and business planning.

This course will cover:

  • Goal Setting
  • Business Planning
  • Specific Elements

Courses are entirely self-paced and each unit will have a multiple choice exam and/or accompanying assessments. The course is completed upon passing a cumulative multiple choice final exam.  Completion certificates will be issued upon passing.


Approved States: MO

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