Colorado Broker Reactivation

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Colorado Broker Reactivation

This 24 Credit Hour course is required by the Colorado Real Estate Commission in order to activate an inactive or expired Colorado Real Estate License as long as the license has been expired or inactive less than 37 months. If your license has been inactive or expired for more than 36 months then you are required to complete 72 hours of pre-license coursework. Additionally, this course is available to active licensees, every other license cycle, who wish to meet their continuing education requirements in lieu of rule B-2(a).

This course has been designed to provide a refresher on Colorado Real Estate Commission (CREC) approved contracts, Colorado real estate regulations and review the most current material included in the Colorado Annual Commission Update (ACU).

Course Outline

  1. Colorado Regulations
  2. Brokerage Relationship Agreements
  3. Sales Contracts and Related Forms
  4. Other Issues in Real Estate Contracting
  5. Current Annual CREC Update (ACU)

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Students can expect that this 24 hour course will run the appropriate amount of time. All exercises, quizzes and examinations are required.

At the completion of this course your certificate will be available online after you complete a brief survey. The survey is designed to help us and the CREC improve this course. We thank you in advance for your comments.

Course Introduction

Students will experience several quizzes and examinations throughout the material. There are also opportunities to complete contracts and closing exercises designed to familiarize students with the process of a transaction in Colorado. Passage of the final exam is required.

The course outline used is provided by the Division of Real Estate as written and approved by the Education Task Force and meets the requirements set forth by the Colorado Real Estate Commission.

Learning Objectives

This is a comprehensive Brokerage course. At the conclusion of this course, students will;

  • Be able to recognize state government functions as they relate to real estate
  • Illustrate the CREC rules and regulations
  • Be able to support their associates by recognizing good and bad business practices
  • Differentiate between the responsibilities of managing an experienced broker vs. an inexperienced broker
  • Be able to recall the rules and regulations as they pertain to Trust accounts and accounting practices
  • Demonstrate the ability to examine and discuss the closing statements and transaction documents

Colorado Broker FAQs

How do I reactivate/reinstate my Colorado real estate license?

If you fail to renew your license by January 31st after your expiration date, your license will become inactive, and you won’t be able to legally practice as a real estate broker.

Once your license expires or goes inactive, you have less than 36 months to complete the Colorado license real estate reinstatement process. To do so, you must complete the 24-hour Colorado broker reactivation training course and submit a reinstatement application.

If your license has been inactive or expired for more than 36 months, you can only regain an active license by completing the application process again, which includes passing the 72-hour broker pre-license curriculum.

How long does a Colorado real estate license last?

Colorado real estate licenses need to be renewed every three (3) years. The normal Colorado real estate license renewal period runs until December 31st of your expiring year, but if you fail to submit your renewal application by this date, you have a 31-day grace period to submit without incurring penalties.

During your initial licensing period, your renewal period may be somewhat less than three years, because all Colorado real estate license renewals must be completed by a universal expiration date regardless of when they are issued.

What are Colorado's real estate continuing education requirements?

During every three-year renewal period, you must complete 24 total hours of approved Continuing Education (CE).

Twelve (12) of these hours will be electives. These can be completed at any time during the three-year period.

The other credits are time-sensitive. Each calendar year, you must complete a four-hour Annual Commission Update (ACU) course. The curriculum is unique to each year and only available until the end of the relevant year.

If you forget to take one of the ACUs, you’ll need to use an alternate – and far more time-consuming – method to meet your renewal requirements. One of these options is passing the 24-hour Colorado broker reactivation training, but this option is only permitted once every other license cycle. Another option is passing the State portion of the Colorado broker’s exam again. The final option is to repeat the 72-hour Broker’s pre-license coursework.

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