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Virginia Real Estate Appraiser License Courses

  • Virginia Appraiser Trainee Appraisal Licensing Courses
  • Virginia Licensed Residential Courses
  • Virginia Certified Residential License Courses
  • Appraiser License Exam Prep for all levels

Virginia Real Estate Appraiser Continuing Education Courses

  • AQB CAP / Virginia Appraiser CE credit courses
  • UAD Course - learn how to be in compliance now
  • Appraiser Professional development courses

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The most successful people in appraisal choose VanEd for their Virginia education.

  • Comprehensive

    • FREE Textbooks for all courses (where applicable) including shipping.
    • USPAP Courses available online.
    • Unlimited Instructional Support – VanEd instructors are available by phone/email to assist you in getting the most out of your online coursework.
    • Licensing courses are certified IDECC, ARELLO and the Colorado Board of Appraisers. learn more >.
  • Efficient

    • 100% online for you to complete at your own pace from home or office.
    • Textbooks for most courses – Different presentation methods to best match your learning style.
    • Have questions? With VanEd, you are never alone. Our Colorado appraisal school instructors are licensed, practicing appraisers.
    • Our online systems are fast and simple – A result of our 23 years of experience in online real estate & appraisal education.
  • Successful

    • With over 10,000 licensing students and over 30,000 CE students, VanEd is one of the most trusted online real estate appraisal schools
    • FREE Five-Day TRIAL PERIOD! Don't take our word for it - Enroll for free in most courses and see how simple online education can be.
    • VanEd offers both Colorado appraiser license courses and a full Virginia Appraisal Continuing Education curriculum to keep you informed.