Marty Vyn Boennighausen

1. Tell me about why you chose to go into real estate and explain your process to getting to where you are now.

I chose to go into real estate because it is an ever changing environment with new things to learn and new people to meet every day. I am my own boss and there is a great earning potential. I got where I am today by being well educated, being an expert in my market, persistent, reliable, dependable, and honest.

2. What makes you stand out in the real estate industry?

I have a BS in Sociology from CU Boulder, I'm a CRS and ABR, and I have a great referral network from being in the business for 20 years.

3. What are your goals/plans/directions for the future?

My goals are to stay healthy and continue with a very successful career in real estate.

4. Since starting your career in real estate, what have you found most rewarding and most challenging about your career?

It is rewarding to figure out what people want and then help them find and purchase their dream home or property. It is challenging to be the “director” in all transactions and make the process as easy as possible for all participants.

5. What is your advice for anyone just starting out in the industry?

Get a Bachelors degree in Real Estate and also take as many real estate classes as possible, earning real estate designations. Be active in your community in such things as the chamber of commerce, rotary, or other volunteer options. You have to be “tough” in this business and be prepared to handle many challenges and not give up. Get your name out there and show how you stand out!

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