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At VanEd Real Estate School, we pride ourselves on providing top-notch education and training for all areas of real estate, from licensing to continuing education. Our online course offerings allow for a self-paced learning experience, with the flexibility to complete the course from any location, be it home or office. We have a dedicated team of instructors who are practicing and experienced industry professionals, and they are available to assist you.

Real Estate Courses for Pre-Licensing, Continuing Education, & Exam Prep

Our online real estate classes are designed to cater to all learning styles, helping our students to achieve success on the real estate exam and in their professional careers. Check out our reviews and testimonials, and read success stories from our students to see the results for yourself.

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Learn from real estate experts while getting a license and starting your new career.

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Continuing Education

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Renew your real estate license with a variety of online and classroom CE course options.

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Pass your real estate exam the first time with practice tests, vocabulary, and more.

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Our Education Commitment and Mission

The mission of VanEd is to provide the best online real estate classes that meet the needs of all students and the requirements of the real estate industry. We are here to help you enter the field and start your real estate career, fulfill continuing education and license renewal requirements, and earn additional designations and certifications to help you stand out and become a successful industry leader.

VanEd is one of the most experienced and trusted online schools in the United States. We have served over 75,000 pre-license students and 100,000 continuing education students since 1997!

Unlike most home study and real estate school online programs, you are not alone! We have a staff of experienced instructors available to answer questions during the workweek, via use of a Q&A button inside each course. We are here to help you!

Start a New Career at VanEd Real Estate School

Are you curious about getting into the real estate industry and want to be sure this is the right path for you? Is this a good time to make a change? Are you nervous about the work, the inudstry, the state exam, or will you be able to do it? Well, if you've been considering a career in the real estate, but aren't certain its the right path to reach your dreams? Well, consider this.

At one time or another, we each deal in real estate. We rent a house, we open a business, we move to a new town, we buy land, and we build a home. We are all involved in the real estate industry each time we walk into a store or take our cars to the repair. For some, the interaction between our daily lives and real estate goes unnoticed. For others, it becomes an exciting, fulfilling, and financially rewarding career that offers flexibility and stability at any point in our lives. If you're ready to design your own future and make your dreams a reality, the real estate industry may be the perfect fit for you and now may be a perfect time.

Distance education leading to a career in the real estate industry and has been proven to be more successful on the licensing exams and quickly enter and excel in their new field. Our students our mothers, fathers, military personnel, recent graduates and soon to be retired individuals all looking to make an investment in their future. They are all working to make their dreams a reality. In our programs, you will gain skills that you can use life-long while at the same, discovering the easiest, fastest, and most effective path to your new career. Our team of industry professionals is here to help, and we are excited about the future of real estate.

So, if you've been considering real estate as your next adventure, don't delay! Take action! Ask yourself, when is now going to be the right time to make a change? We look forward to seeing you online and remember, we are here to help.

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