How VanEd's Online Real Estate Classes Work

How VanEd Online Courses Work

If you are unfamiliar with online real estate education, you may be asking "how do online real estate courses work?" Even if you have used online education before, you may find that VanEd has a unique approach. The following provides a general overview of the elements you will find in a VanEd class.

Login to Your Student Account

After you purchase an online real estate course and complete your registration you will have an Student Account protected by a unique username & password that you choose. Logging in to your student account gives you access to all your real estate courses, completion certificates, receipts, and a number of program-specific features such as license renewal tracking.

To work on a course, simply login to your student account and navigate to your Courses. You will see all of the courses for which you are currently registered. Click on the appropriate icon to open the class you want to work on.

vaned student accounts

Navigating Your Online Real Estate Course

After your course opens you will be able to use the course navigation bar on the left-hand side to work through the class, or use the Next / Previous buttons at the bottom of every page. The left-hand course navigation also serves as a useful outline for the course content.

You are always free to work at your own pace, stop / start at will, and return to the online course anytime. When you leave a course, we automatically bookmark the last page you worked on so that the course opens directly to that page on your next visit.

We believe that online courses should be organized & presented so that students can control the pace and sequence of the class to best suit their learning style and existing knowledge. You can easily return to sections of the course for additional review, or skip ahead past topics that you have already mastered.

Navigate through VanEd's learning management system

Read, Watch, and Listen to the Online Course Material

Just like a traditional classroom, you will need to study and master the online real estate course material. Each course is presented in a way that best meets the learning objectives of the author using a mix of text, graphics, and multimedia. You will be expected to review all of the material presented.

Audio or Video elements in VanEd's classes are easy to engage, add to the instructional materials, and can be played on any web device so students can take their online education with them wherever they go.

Many courses have optional eBooks available for download. eBooks have the full course content in a PDF format suitable for printing. Students who prefer traditional learning can take their eBooks with them to practice and take hand-written notes.

Online real estate courses with videos and interactivity

Engage with Interactive Features

We strive to provide interactivity in the form of quizzes, exams, and unique interactive exercises. These activities reinforce your knowledge, let you practice specific skills, and help to make your real estate education experience more enjoyable and engaging.

Quizzes and exams are found throughout every course, and provide opportunity to demonstrate your comprehension of a given topic. All quizzes / exams provide immediate feedback to highlight concepts that might require additional review and guide your studies. Through the Course Progress, you will have instant access to your exam & quiz scores and can view your response to individual questions. Most online courses are culminated with a final exam.

Interactive exercises come in many flavors and all are designed to help you engage directly with the material. Depending on the real estate course selected, you should expect exercises that require a written answer (reviewed by our instructors), vocabulary matching, poll questions, online worksheets, student forums, interactive scenarios, computation problems, and a wealth of other unique tools that vary by course. Like exams, exercises provide immediate feedback to guide your learning.

Vaned courses have interactive elements

Learn Real Estate Vocabulary with Flashcards

Many of our pre-license courses contain vocabulary flashcards to help students learn the terminology that they will be required to know to pass the real estate license exam.

As students progress through each unit's flashcards, they will be able to mark each vocabulary word with their level of confidence in understanding its terminology. Students can refer back to each term to improve their confidence and understanding as they move through their course.

Real Esate Flashcards

Get Help from Instructors and Industry Experts!

If at any time during your learning you have a question for the instructors, you can post it in the course Q&As (Question and Answers). Our Q&A system lets you post questions directly to our professional instructors, and you can also browse our database of questions and answers from other students in your online real estate course.

Instructors are also available by email and phone during office hours and our staff is available by online chat to assist with technical issues or questions about registration.

Instructors are approved by the appropriate regulatory agencies for your real estate course and state and most have earned their CDEI, or Certified Distance Education Instructor designation through the International Distance Education Counsel.

meet our instructors

Professional real instructors are available to answer your questions

Complete Your Real Estate Courses

At the conclusion of each course, a completion certificate will be immediately available and includes all of the required regulatory information for compliance in your state. Completion certificates remain permanently available in your online student account for as long as you are a VanEd student. For some courses, VanEd will automatically report your successful completion to the appropriate state agency.

Your completed online courses remain available for you to open, review and interact.

access to completion certificates for licensing and renewal

Sound Familiar?

Listening to, reading and watching lectures, completing assignments, and engaging with other students are all elements available in our online education platform. This should sound very similar to taking a traditional classroom course except without the travel time or worry about being late.

In most cases you will have up to a full year for completion and our online courses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week so you can complete them on your schedule. And if you have any questions our team of subject matter experts, course designers, tech geeks, instructors and the best professional staff in the industry are all behind the screen ready to assist you.

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