VanEd Real Estate License Student Reviews and Testimonials

For anybody who has not used VanEd, this is the way to go in today's busy real estate world and especially so since gatherings are limited. You can do it on your timeframe and they store all your records. The only way to go.
Robert G.

Class was taken online and the instructor/contact was very personable and assisted me above and beyond.
Javier A.

I'm new to real estate. I have a lot to learn, and I really appreciated these classes. All the material was clearly explained, and I appreciate the practical applications. Thank you for all you do to make it possible for people like me to get into this field. I found the team members I spoke to on the phone and via email very helpful. Good work!
Lois K.

I have used VanEd for all of my real estate licensing and continuing education needs. I appreciate the ability to build my knowledge base on such a wide variety of topics with an organization that I trust. The classes are easy to access, work through, and I love being able to go back and reference them if needed.
Breeyan E.

The company is very responsive and has a complete product. Through coursework, now for EXAM! Thanks VanEd!
Mike L.

I love their process & classes! It is easy and reasonably priced!
The Carlton Company

VanEd - Texas Real Estate School is my favorite school for online real estate education! I highly recommend them and their wonderful instructors.
Mary-Elizabeth S.

I love their online courses! Easy to follow and great layout!
Dawna C.

Used VanEd for my licensing prep. Very thorough content. After completing all of the sections and the tests, I was very prepared for the State Real Estate exam. Passed it the first time!
Christi P.

Passed with a 93 on both sections this morning. Your course is pretty awesome and taught me exactly what I needed to know to do well. Look forward to recommending VanEd at every opportunity and I’ll see you for my CE classes.
Calvin R

I am already recommending VanEd to others. The lady at the exam center told me it is rare that people pass on the first try. I would tell anyone, "if you want to build a foundation of real estate and at this same time pass the exam you owe it to yourself to enroll with VanEd!" Thank you for all of your help and support. Thank you instructors!
Steven L.

It was not easy and I strongly recommend Taking the exam Prep courses. I passed my tests and am now a licensed real estate agent. Vaned helped me get where I wanted to be.
Donna. G

I really enjoyed my class with VanEd. I studied hard and passed my state exam 1st try with an 85%. Thanks, VanEd. Great class
Todd R.

VanEd's online curriculum and ease of use was an excellent partnership in helping me achieve my real estate broker license. Thanks so much!
Deborah K.

Great online program for CO Real Estate Broker. I passed exam first time with flying colors. Practice test closely resemble actual test and the content presented is spot on.
Melissa M.

I am impressed with the content in the course, including video, references, and other media sources leading up to the quizzes. I felt the time dedicated to in depth areas of farm & ranch or oil & gas leases was unnecessary, but overall it prepares the broker for multiple career choices.
Tasya W.

The course was excellent, easy to understand - I love the way the author presented the course - she's got a great sense of humor while presenting the facts. Great Refresher!
Karen B.

I have been wanting this course for years! I am so glad it came available for online courses-it simply was not possible for me to gain this certification any other way. You will learn so much from this course you should really take the course, I know you will agree.
Giana M.

The courses I selected were most informative and proved to be extremely relative in content on issues agents need to be aware of - on a daily basis - to insure maximum client/customer service and enhanced credibility.
Mark D.

I took my tests today and I passed both! 89.1% on State and 90% on National.... Whew! Thanks Van Ed for preparing me...
Lynn R.

I took the Nebraska Real Estate Exam today for the first time and I passed with flying colors! I can't believe I passed my first attempt and it is all thanks to you guys!!!
Rose C.

I am still amazed that I was able to go from no experience/education in real estate to passing the six required courses and passing my Brokers License Exam first try. I can attest to the fact that your courses are exactly what a student needs to prepare them for the test.
Trevor M.

I wanted to thank you for your excellent program and let you know I passed both the National and the Colorado exams on the first try thanks to the excellent prep I received from VanEd.
Sara H.

I have been meaning to email you and on behalf of VanEd in whole, to say thank you so much for your efforts and care in helping me get through my courses and other tasks. Last month, I passed the CO broker exam and just recently was hired by a firm up in the mountains. I owe it all to you guys and am very grateful for your support.
Broby L.

I am so happy to have passed my real estate license test on the first attempt. I did it only using your course and materials.
Jeremy K.

Thank you SO very much!! You guys are absolutely wonderful & I have recommended VanEd to anyone I know who may be interested in taking online courses!! Everyone there has been beyond helpful since day 1!!
Lauren N.

Just wanted to let you know that I took my exam yesterday and crushed it! Got 90% on the national section and 87.8% on the state section. Thanks for a great education!
A White

The people answering the telephone are a blend of sister and shepherd. I love the service.
Charles W.

I just want to tell you that I passed both the national and state licensing tests today! The online instruction and exam prep was well worth the price. I love this method of learning and was able to go at my pace.
Keith G.

I took all of the Pre-Licensing and Exam Prep courses thru Van Ed online. I just want to tell you that I passed both the national and state licensing test today! The online instruction and exam prep was well worth the price. I love this method of learning and was able to go at my pace. Your practice tests were much harder than the actual tests and the knowledge will be invaluable in my Real Estate career. Thank You!
Keith P.

Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my education and exam preparation that VanEd has provided. In case you're keeping statistics... I passed on my first try. Without reservation, I would recommend VanEd.
Shirly M.

I had an issue with a previous online school, and VanEd heard my story and quickly enrolled me and helped me through the process of renewing my license. I recommended this school to anyone who is looking for a reliable source of education. The staff was always knowledgeable, no matter who answered my calls or responded to my many emails. I am so glad to have been a student of VanEd!
Lacey S.

I just wanted to let you know that I passed my real estate exams the first time with flying colors! Thank you so much for all of your help and support throughout my time with VanEd!
Maranda R.

I love this course and will recommend it to anyone (I already have). It seems that your instructors, and program in general, really care about my success and I really appreciate it. This is evident in the "Getting Started and Staying on Track" course. Thank you very much.
Skye S.

Company Rep at sign-up was very helpful.
Joseph D.

I just wanted to say how wonderful your online course was. I passed both portions today! I had heard most people only pass one or the other the first time. Your practice exams were exceptional. Thank You!
Marla C.

The instructors were helpful and the links were also good study to retain the knowledge.
Matt H.

I just completed my exam yesterday and PASSED! Thanks Van Ed. You have a great product. I even saw some answers on the exam that were identical to the questions I studied... ...I will be using VanEd in perpetuity as I grow my career.
Chris B.

I passed!!!! 94% on the CO portion and 84% on the state. Thank you for talking to me last week. That really gave me the confidence to take the exam. Thanks again. A week off, then I start tackling continuing ed.
Mindy J.

Hello VanEd people - I just wanted to let you know, with your assistance I passed the State and National Real Estate tests on the first try! Thank you! I couldn't have done it without your help.
Jarred T.

I want you to know I work real hard in recommending you to everyone I know who has an interest in getting a license. My son in law should be contacting you soon about taking the course. I still do not know anyone who has taken the course by VanEd that has failed the state or national test.
Robert S.

I'm so thankful for the training I received from VanEd. I found that your study material and practice exams closely mimicked the actual exam so I felt at ease and in control. Thank you so much for your support!
Kathy D.

I just wanted to thank you for courses. Being licensed in WI for many years I wasn't required to take any courses to qualify for the state portion of the test, however, I found that I NEEDED to take the courses to pass the test. CO and WI do things quite differently and had I not taken your course I would not have even come close to passing. For the record, my score on the test was 92%. Thank you. I would recommend you to anyone.
Chris S.

Just wanted to say thank you. I passed the test on the first try, and I already have a job with a wonderful real estate brokerage. Thank you so much for preparing me so well for a career in real estate. I will be using your classes in the future for my continuing education needs.
Jenn M.

Hi! I wanted to let you know that last Saturday I took and passed the Real Estate Broker exam both national and state portions on the first attempt! I wasn't very confident going into the exam but I did very well on both portions. Thank you for the detailed and thorough education that you provided through your online course. I will keep your information and look for continuing education products as I need them.
Charles N.

Just wanted to let you know I passed the exam with a 93.7% on the National part and 94.5% on the State part first try. Thanks for providing the course I found it very concise and user friendly both on and offline.
Paul T.

I have passed both exams, and I feel that VanEd has done a wonderful job of laying out course topics and preparing me for the exam content. The questions on practice exams and tests through VanEd were formatted exactly how the questions appeared for the state and universal tests. I have thoroughly enjoyed using the VanEd program, and will again use VanEd for my continuing education in my real estate future!
Candice L.

I took our Oklahoma State exam this morning and PASSED!!! Yippee! If you would like a testimonial of some kind regarding your course, I'll be happy to provide one. I think it is an excellent course and well-prepares one for the exam
Jacqueline H.

I passed easily. Really, I cannot say how to improve your course. I was well prepared. I also have plenty of material to reference in the future and your practice tests did well to emphasize the state exam materials.
Gary C.

I wanted to let you know I took my Real Estate Exam yesterday, June 3rd..... and I passed both sections. The course was tough and sometimes are to get through, but all the information and especially the test preps really helped make the exam not so daunting. Thank you so much, I am glad the worst is over. Your course truly was and is everything you claimed it would be!!
Christine S.

I felt very well prepared for the exam. It was nice to go into the test and be able to sail through it.

Just wanted to let you know that I passed both my state and national tests yesterday!! I have also been recommending your school too many people and will be returning to enroll in my next classes. Thanks for helping me to fulfill a dream I have had for 35 years!

I passed both exams and feel that VanEd did an excellent job in providing me with the information needed to pass the tests. Thank you again.
Dan T.

I successfully passed both my exams (over 86% on each!). I felt well prepared for both exams and took full advantage of the practice exams… and felt very comfortable during the proctored exams. So, my analysis is that taking those practice tests and looking at the diagnostics saved me hours of time studying irrelevant issues.
Mike W.

I passed with flying colors and in record time -35 min! I took the summary exam five times and found many of the same questions on the actual exam. I felt more than comfortable and prepared thanks to you! Thank you all again!

Thanks for everything! Your program was a good way to go. Two of my Realtor friends recommended it to me, and I will be doing the same to anyone I know who wants to become a Realtor.
Mary M.

I passed both parts, first time. Thanks for creating such a thoughtful course- I’ve already referred my sister’s boyfriend to you!
Stacey C.

Thanks for checking in, I took the exam last month, and scored an 85% on the state portion and a 92% on the National. I am very pleased overall with the program and how it prepared me. Thanks again.
Aaron K.

I just wanted to mention that the real estate course online was a big help for me. I was surprised with the ease and quick response I received with my questions and concerns. I passed the first time. Kudos to you and your group.
Michael G.

Everything went very well with my state exam. I passed both portions. I felt as though the material in the state exam was covered in the course. I am very satisfied with all aspects of the program.
Brandy D.

I got a 98 on the national and an 85 on the state. Thanks!!
Barbara B.

FYI, I did pass both parts of the Texas exam on the first try. The VanEd course was helpful and I would recommend it to others.

I took my license test on Saturday for the first time and PASSED with an 84% average. Thanks!!! I am only 19 and am very excited!
Kathleen J.

I took both the State and National exam and got a 93 and a 90, respectively. I am very pleased with the course materials. I would highly advise that people take the final exams several times to experience a wider range of questions, like I did.
Julie T.

Just wanted to say I used another online prep and failed the test the first time. When I used your online prep for the state test was spot on with the questions that were on the test I felt like I was taking one of your Exams! I got an 84% and it was almost stress free. Thanks!
Donna S.

I took my exam 2 weeks ago and passed on the first try. If you are looking for feedback for your program, I can tell you that the ability to use the flashcards, exercises, quizzes and exams as many times as I needed - really helped solidify my knowledge - even with a brand new baby girl at home to distract me from my studies! I would definitely recommend the program to anyone who feels they have the discipline to study independently and do the program at their own pace.
Susan R.

I am very impressed with VanEd! It took me a total of 8 solid weeks of studying before I was ready to head to the exam center. The VanEd program provided all the tools necessary to pass both the state and general sections the first time around. I found that the VanEd program prepared me for success and that the course material was in fact undoubtedly very similar to exams taken, which lead to the achievement of my license. BRAVO!
Alan H.

I wanted to thank you for your class and commitment to helping me succeed! I took my real estate exam this morning and passed both portions on the first try! I am so very excited and could have not done it without you. Your program helped me to study the wonderful world of real estate and gave me great preparation for the exam. I have worked very hard and it has taken a considerable amount of time, but I have done it! This is only the beginning! Thanks again for all your help in your quick responses to questions and help overall. VanEd is a terrific program that I will definitely refer to others.
Paul M.

Passed! 91% National, 96% State. Thanks!
Jennifer E.

I passed the National portion with a 93.7% and the State portion with a 2.4%. The material provided was excellent. By re-taking several tests in the book and reviewing the materials supplied I felt I was prepared for the tests. I was quite nervous and didn't sleep well as I hadn't taken a test in many years, however I felt very comfortable once there because I felt prepared.
Deb C.

I wanted to let you know that I passed my Real Estate Salesperson exam on my first try and with almost one whole hour of time left over. I'm certain that VanEd’s course content was a contributing factor to my success. Thank you for helping me achieve my goals!

Guess what? Not only were they excellent courses, I passed my Brokers test in about 30 minutes. The State of Texas allows about 2 hours for the exam, and I basically walked in and aced the test. Thanks for answering my questions, delivering the materials promptly, and thanks for providing these classes!

I just wanted to thank you for your course of study in Texas Real Estate. I am sure you know the pass/fail rate for this test – but I passed mine on the first attempt. I have recommended your school to some of my partners at work.

I took my state license exam yesterday and passed on the first attempt. I chose your course over several others being offered online mostly because of the affordability, but it was also the easiest to read and comprehend. The text book was a huge help and matched well with the online content which made quick reference easier. Once again, Thanks!

I took the broker test yesterday and passed both portions the first time! Should be receiving my license in about 10 days. Thanks again for the assistance!

With your awesome study plan I passed the National portion the first time and the State portion the second time. I have a friend who went with a different school, and she has taken her test 6 times and still trying to pass. Thank you very much for your awesome program!

I just finished my pre-licensing program. A friend started a few days before me with another school’s program, and has had lots of technical difficulties and is very frustrated. I'm so glad I chose VanEd! Now, on to pass the state exam!

Your company prepared me quite thoroughly for my licensing test. I finished both exams in a short time, and passed both the first time. Since then I’m working in Houston and was named Rookie of the Year for all three of our offices. I credit this to having the proper education foundation provided by VanEd.

I just wanted to thank you for the course materials and online sample testing that you provided me. I took the exam yesterday and felt so prepared that I don't believe I missed more than a few if any. Again, thanks.
John G.

Charles and I successfully passed the exams! We have already sent in our license applications and are excited about getting started. Thank you for all your help. We were very pleased with the online course.
Sarah C.

I took and passed my broker's exam today. Thanks so much for all of your help and for putting together such a comprehensive training program. Your program and advice sent me into the exam with confidence which was not misplaced. I will highly recommend your program and will look to VanEd for continuing education.
Ken R.

I took the state exam this morning and PASSED! Thank you for all your help and support. I really appreciate all you did and feel VanEd provides a quality program for candidates. I will most definitely recommend you and your school.
Bonnie K.

I passed both parts the first time, and I really feel that VanEd prepares you very well! Thanks also for being there for me. It seems like a big mountain to climb when you first start, but I had a study partner and he and I kept each other going! Thanks again!
Andrea T.

I passed the broker's exam yesterday. The program really did a fine job of preparing me for the test. The online materials and exam prep module were very well done, and I felt fully prepared. Thanks also for your phone calls and assistance along the way.
Jeff K.

I took my Broker's Exam and I passed the first time thanks to VanEd. The course of study through VanEd was excellent, and the Internet format worked fine for me. The exam prep section was particularly helpful - in fact - I found the actual exam to be a relief in comparison. Thanks to everyone at VanEd - I will certainly recommend your program.
Don P.

WE did it. VanEd and I passed the broker's exam. It wasn't easy coming from Virginia where everything is done differently. With the online and offline support of the VanEd staff, I passed the exam on the first go-round. I am grateful.
Maureen T.

I took my Broker's exam this morning and PASSED!! Thanks to everyone at VanEd for the on-line course. I found the curriculum very easy to follow, and it was great to know your help was only an e-mail away. The on-line format allowed me to be out of town for two months and still complete the course.
Diane B.

Thanks for the wonderful pre licensing program -- It allowed me to get through everything in 5 weeks and jump into the game while there was still time left in the selling season. It will be a very merry Christmas in the Heaton house.
Stefan H.

I passed my state board test this morning! Thank you so much for your help and assistance throughout my studies...your help and study tips got me through the test the first time! I am very happy and will recommend you to everyone. Thank you so much!
Gretchen H.

I chose VanEd over other options, and it was the best decision I could have made. Your content was easy to review, the online assistance was prompt, and your exams & exercises helped me focus on the important topics. After only 5 weeks, I passed the state exam on the first try. I will look to VanEd for my continuing education and will recommend your program. Thank you!
Shannon H.

I took my test last week and passed with 88% (general) and 81% (state) after completing you course in around 6 weeks. Thank you so much, the structure of the course is brilliant! It prepared me perfectly for the exam. Now only three days after my exam and I already have a listing. Very, very happy. Thank you.
Jarrod C.

Wanted to let you know I passed the State Exam (91%) and the National Exam (88%) on Saturday. I do really appreciate the support and the service from Van Education. This saved me a lot of money and time. Thanks again!
Gary H.

I took the state exam on Tuesday and I passed! What joy! I did not know if I would be disciplined enough with an online course, but VanEd is excellent and I have already recommended you to a few friends. Thank You.
Renee M.

I passed the tests - yay!! Thank you so much for all of your help, I couldn't have done it without VanEd and everyone’s input on guys are the best. Anyway, off to get my actual license. All my best.
Nova A.

I passed with an 88 (state) and 92 (general). The material you provided was very thorough. The state portion of the exam contained a lot of trick questions, but I thought some VanEd’s practice exams were more difficult than the actual exam. You provide a wonderful service.
Jim R.

I passed both sections of the real estate exam on Saturday. I was thrilled that I did it on my first try! I had originally signed up for another school’s correspondence class and never completed it. In comparison, the information you provide is much more thorough and better matches the actual test.
Dianne B.

I passed the state and national portions. I felt nervous but confident that I was prepared and did not notice anything on the test that I wasn't prepared for. The proctor mentioned that I finished both exams in record time and I'm sure it's because I was prepared and knew the material well.
Leslie M.

Just got back from the exams with passing grades on both: State - 82.5% and National - 86.4%. Thanks for all of your help, I'm sure that I'll be needing some continuing education in the future and will look here first.
Mark B.

Thanks for a great exam prep. I was exempted from taking the preparation courses and failed the state exam. I then purchased the real estate manual and promptly failed again. Your exam prep gave me the information in a way that was easy to learn, and I passed immediately. I will highly recommend this program to others.
Paul L.

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