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VanEd's online exam prep course is designed for students who have already completed their primary pre-licensing coursework and want additional practice before taking the state real estate licensing exam.

Our online exam prep is applicable in all 50 states and covers the national (or general) portion of your state licensing exam with practice tests, topic reviews, and interactive exercises to prepare you for success. For Colorado, Nebraska, Oklahoma and Texas students, we offer an expanded exam prep with state-specific learning modules.

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National Real Estate Exam Prep


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National Exam Prep Course Features

Low Price VanEd courses start as low as $59
Applicable Nationwide VanEd coursework covers the national (general) portion of your state licensing exam.
Topic Review VanEd has identified eight key topic areas which should be reviewed prior to taking the real estate licensing exam.
Topic Exams Each topic within the VanEd coursework includes a practice exam specific to that area of knowledge.
Comprehensive Final Exam VanEd final exam questions are comprehensive and written to mirror state exams.
Final Exam Results Statistical summary for each exam you take. View An Example of Exam Results >
Varied Exam Questions All exams select questions at random from a larger pool, so each exam is different