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Leader's Choice has partnered with VanEd to provide online delivery of Mark Lader’s Leader’s Choice Real Estate Sales Training.

For over 20 years, Mark Leader has set the standard in sales training for real estate professionals.

Previously only available in person, you can now receive all of the benefits of the Leader's Choice program in a convenient online format!

  • Work at your own pace
  • Extensive audio & video of Mark Leader
  • Online Q&A. Interact with our trainers and other students
  • Printable reference material is available for every session

Take a look at the 9 sessions and visit www.LeadersChoiceOnline.com to learn more.

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Our Leader's Choice partnership with allows us to provide the Leader's Choice training to you in this great online format.

Watch the sessions on your own time, at your own pace and access them whenever you want!

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Leader's Choice Online Training Course Outline

Title Description
Session 1 - The Foundations of a Leader This is where all great leaders gain their strength...the FOUNDATION. Students learn the Leader development cycle, goal setting, and an introduction to prospecting.
Session 2 - Pro-Active Prospecting Continuing the understanding of effective, pro-active prospecting... differentiating activity from productivity.

Session 3 - Steps to Successful Marketing Presentations Effective marketing presentations are a key to becoming an industry leaders. No matter what sales professionals hear to the contrary, listings are crucial to a successful career.

Session 4 - The Art of Self Promotion Utilizing the company's tools and advantages to the fullest is based in skill and an understanding of how to relate those advantages to the prospects' needs. No two prospects are exactly the same, and each deserves to be treated to a personalized presentation.

Session 5 - Mastering the Pricing Presentation Understand the components of pricing and how to present price in a way that compels the motivated prospect to act in their best interest.

Session 6 - Mastering Your Attitude. Mastering Your Time   Learn to run your business like an industry leader... what the top professionals do to maintain their edge. Understand time and the truths about "managing" it versus "expending" it.

Session 7 - Objection Handling for Success 1 When the sales professional becomes confident and competent when handling objections and stalls, their confidence rises exponentially as does their hit ratios!

Session 8 - Objection Handling for Success 2 Objection handling is continued in this session. It is such a crucial component of success; we ensure that the agents are fully versed and confident in the process. The balance of the session is devoted to handling inquiries.

Session 9 - Buyer Success Strategies While there are many places within the first eight sessions where buyers are discussed, this session is devoted to specifically working with buyers.