Real Estate Continuing Education Student Reviews & Testimonials

For anybody who has not used VanEd, this is the way to go in today's busy real estate world and especially so since gatherings are limited. You can do it on your timeframe and they store all your records. The only way to go.
Robert G.

I am licensed in three states, CO, ID, and WY as such I take classes online from multiple providers. VanEd is head and shoulders above all others, the classes are amazingly well prepared, easy to take, and understand and have an exceptional format; the notes option is a personal favorite. I wish I could take all my courses from VanEd, they are that good!
Gary G.

I am very pleased and impressed with the course(s), including difficulty, relevance, and Instructional Design. I have been in higher education for over 50 years and have a good deal of experience with online learning. Your programs are excellent!
Gregory O.

Van Ed has fantastic courses - this one did not disappoint - full of great information not found in other courses offered at other places. Thank you!
Laura C.

Not everyone has the time for a classroom/brick and mortar setting for real estate education, so an online platform is best for a lot of people. VanEd's online courses are excellent. The training is easy to navigate, if needed, you can interact with course instructors, and VanEd keeps track of your continuing education credits. It's my go-to real estate school!
Brion F.

They make it easy to get my continuing education credits done from the comfort of my own home. Their website allows me to work at my own pace and I love that they keep a history of my competed classes.
Donna C.

I do all of my continuing education at Vaned - Texas Real Estate School. The courses are informative and I love that all my certificates for CE are in one place. I would highly recommend them!
Cindy F.

VanEd - Texas Real Estate School is a great company for online real estate continuing ed - they have good variety of classes & their website is very easy to use.
Lexi S.

I have been using VanEd for many years now. I always had trouble taking continuing education classes in classrooms or places where there were lots of people. It made it hard for me to focus and hear what the instructor was saying. With VanEd I can see all the material right in front of me. This makes it so much easier and convenient for me to stay on top of my classes!
Jeff S.

I am impressed with the content in the course, including video, references, and other media sources leading up to the quizzes. I felt the time dedicated to in depth areas of farm & ranch or oil & gas leases was unnecessary, but overall it prepares the broker for multiple career choices.
Tasya W.

The course was excellent, easy to understand - I love the way the author presented the course - she's got a great sense of humor while presenting the facts. Great Refresher!
Karen B.

I have been wanting this course for years! I am so glad it came available for online courses-it simply was not possible for me to gain this certification any other way. You will learn so much from this course you should really take the course, I know you will agree.
Giana M.

I have taken eleven update courses from various sources so far in my real estate career, and this latest was the most useful one yet. I always enjoyed Oliver Frascona's as well but sometimes we ended up going off on tangents that taught or made us think differently, but were frankly just fun to consider, and not very useful day to day. This one taught me well AND made me think. Period.
Beth M.

The courses I selected were most informative and proved to be extremely relative in content on issues agents need to be aware of - on a daily basis - to insure maximum client/customer service and enhanced credibility.
Mark D.

I enjoyed this course so much I would have taken it even if it wasn’t required.
Michael C.

Thank you SO very much!! You guys are absolutely wonderful & I have recommended VanEd to anyone I know who may be interested in taking online courses!! Everyone there has been beyond helpful since day 1!!
Lauren N.

Fast, easy to navigate the site, good information. Thank you!
Stacey L.

Just wanted to let you all know I have appreciated your service and support through the years. You provide a super service. Thanks!
Ivalee D.

Excellent, thorough course. The material was organized in an accessible and easy-to-understand way. Kudos!!
Stepen E.

The people answering the telephone are a blend of sister and shepherd. I love the service.
Charles W.

Seemed well thought out and full of good information.
Jeff S.

The Tracking License Renewal that you provide makes it easy to see where I am with my required courses and the E&O reminder is very much appreciated. Thanks!
Horace J.

You make my life easy. You always help me with advice about what classes are still needed and assist in any way I have asked. Awesome!
Elsie H.

The site is very user friendly, easy to understand and to navigate. I feel prepared in the information provided to take the final exam.
Lori D.

Thank you for offering this class! I appreciate topics that are outside the mainstream, much more interesting.
Holly B.

Well done. Required more thought than live classes where they don't have a test.
Dawn K.

Very beneficial! Great course with a lot of work associated with it. It will be one I go back to time and again in my RE work. Loved it!
Ian P.

This was an outstanding course. I already attended a course in person because I thought it would be the best way to get all the details. I'm amazed at the points I missed in the other company's classroom course.
Dean S.

It was my first time accessing this system and had a great experience overall.
Deborah L.

I had an issue with a previous online school, and VanEd heard my story and quickly enrolled me and helped me through the process of renewing my license. I recommended this school to anyone who is looking for a reliable source of education. The staff was always knowledgeable, no matter who answered my calls or responded to my many emails. I am so glad to have been a student of VanEd!
Lacey S.

I just finished your 3 hour CE course. WOW! What a great read! You write very clearly and add some good humor. I thought I was above average, but you gave me so many ideas and insights, that I feel I was just an amateur. Thank you so much!!
George T.

The best site, clear course work and best portal. Thanks for holding my certificate history. Very helpful as usual.
Kurt L.

Thank you for your educational and exception online courses.

I really loved this course! The instructor's writing abilities were very enjoyable and engaging. The material was excellent! I thought it was the best real estate course I have ever taken.
Cindy G.

I'm already studying and enjoying it. You've been a great help! VanEd is truly the way to go.
Jeniffer B.

VanEd is a great platform for CE!
Barry J.

Going on a listing appointment and these items will help a lot.
William B.

I absolutely loved my experience with VanEd and I can't wait to take my next course.
Gregory A.

I have been and will continue to be a loyal VanEd user! Great presentation of material.
Bonita C.

I love the interaction videos and links!!!
Jason J.

I've had my license for 15 years and this was a great refresher and I even learned a few things.
Karen W.

Quick, fast & easy.
Lin T.

I have been an agent for over 34 years, this was a wonderful class. I have always gotten, on average, 9 out of every 10 listings I go on. Now I will get 10 of 10. Thank you for this informative and insightful course material.
Rita S.

Hello there! First and foremost I wanted to drop you a note to let you know how much I LOVE your system for my renewal hours. AND you help me keep track of classes taken? Wow! That by itself is worth the nominal fees for your excellent classes.
Donald R.

Enjoying the course. Easy to navigate and great on a tablet and laptop!
Dianna S.

I was very impressed at how the information was presented - it was easy enough to read, clear enough to understand, and in the proper context that the information was assimilated and retained. I learned a lot and appreciated the background offered on both the illustrations and explanations. Thank you.
Michael L

I really enjoyed this course. The material was easy to understand, and the video was a great touch. I have a better understanding of the issues now that I have taken this course.
Felicia H.

Thank you VanEd for you continued excellent of CE training and course selection. You provide a very high level of CE for Brokers.
Tex A

This was a wonderful opportunity for me to get my continuing ed requirements at my home! I was intimidated by the thought of classes on-line, but after I got into it I found I enjoyed the experience!
Shanelle H.

I have been in real estate business over 25 years and served on Colorado Real Estate Commission for a short period. I want to tell you my experience with VanEd has been the best. Continue the great work.
Pres M.

Thank You SO much! I will definitely recommend VanEd to Spokane County for their continuing education! I'm pleased with the course material and the service you've provided. Learned more from your course than any in the past!
Debi M.

VanEd - hey, I just called the 800 number to specifically thank you folks for a great course this year on the required update. I know what you have to cover is dictated by the CREC, but you did a good job a presenting it and making it interesting. I'll go with you always in the future for all courses I'll need.
Bob K.

I thought I was on the right track, but wanted to get a final approval before renewing. The helpful license renewal reminder, plus the convenience VanEd provides are two huge bonuses and I am grateful to have access to your site. Thank you.
Brian P.

I really appreciate all of your help. Thank you so much for your courtesy and kindness with regard to my continuing education needs. I definitely will continue to use VanEd and I do hope to earn my GRI soon. Thanks again!
Dorothy R.

Thank you! Your online continuing education is a godsend. I really appreciate being able to do my CE on my own, at my own pace instead of waiting for the Board or a title company to offer classes. Thanks so much.
Shelley C.

I just finished the eight-hour course [for Colorado CE]. I thought the content was very good and made me think and was a good review. It's not that easy. I had to concentrate and actually learned a few things. Good job on the material and the form in which we can take this. It's so easy to sit at your desk at office or home and be able to complete it on your schedule and especially at the last minute.
Randy R.

I wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with this program and method for CE credits. I will certainly do this again, as well as pass on the great experience.
Linda C.

I wanted to tell you that I believe this to be the best course that I have taken so far in my real estate career. It is well organized, informative and structured toward learning. I really have enjoyed and garnered great information from this course. Although I don't plan on opening up my own brokerage in the foreseeable future, this course has given me great insight and appreciation into the world of an employing broker and the responsibilities that they hold. It has also allowed us the spark to re-examine our office Policy & Procedures manual. Thank you for your patience and wisdom.
Ulrich S, ABR

Thanks VanEd! I called your offices last week and made sure I had everything needed and then followed the link to renew online :) I really DO enjoy taking your classes and whoever I talked to was so pleasant to deal with. I will continue to do my CE classes with you.
Lucinda L.

Thank you so much, Your Quick response to my problem saved me, I did not want to take that other class, and I was down to the wire, but thanks to your fast response I took the right course I meant to purchase, and with your printable certificate download, I made it with just four days to spare, before my licensed would have expired. Thanks a lot, I saved you to my favorites, and will use you again for sure, and I passed out all your information out at my office, because you have the best prices and the largest selection, and just so you know, I did lots of searching before I found you, and called all the companies I came across, and you were the only one who answered the phone, the others called me back the next day or later. Good luck and thanks.

I just want to say I love your no-hassle, inexpensive, clear, and concise courses! I was in a bind; I couldn't find the courses I needed to take in the time I needed to take it, but thanks to you I'm no longer in that bind! I will definitely re-enroll when I need to again!

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