Colorado Real Estate License Renewal Date Transition

The renewal date for Colorado Real Estate Broker licenses is changing from the anniversary date of your initial licensing to a calendar year system where all licenses will renew every third (3) year on 12/31.

During the transition from anniversary date to calendar year, your license renewal period may be less than 3 years and this affects the continuing education (CE) needed to renew your real estate license.

The following questions will help you understand where your license fits into the transition, and what your education requirements are for your next renewal. The Division of Real Estate (DRE) has also published a useful transition guide.

How to Look Up Your Colorado Real Estate License Expiration Dates

To determine the continuing education needed during the transition, you must know your current license expiration date AND your previous license expiration date.

Current License Expiration Date

Your current license expiration date can be found using the DRE License Lookup Tool.

Previous License Expiration Date

Your previous expiration date is not published online, but there are two ways to finding it.

  1. The DRE license lookup tool above provides your initial licensing date, to which you can add 3-year increments until you reach your last renewal date. CAUTION: your initial licensure date from the DRE may not be accurate if you have ever had a license reinstatement.
  2. If you have any doubt, we recommend calling the DRE (303-894-2166) and they can look up your last expiration date.

Colorado Real Estate License Renewal Tool

Please answer the sequence of questions below to determine your education requirements for license renewal.