Free Colorado Real Estate Continuing Education

Free 2-Hour Colorado Continuing Education Course

  • 2 Credit Hours of Elective Continuing Education
  • Discounted 8-Hour Renewal Packages
  • Approved by the Colorado Real Estate Commission (CREC)

The Art of Pricing


This 2-Hour Colorado Real Estate Continuing Education Course introduces the student to the art of pricing and various strategies to help real estate agents communicate effectively and improve their skills in the industry. This course meets the Colorado Real Estate Commission requirements for 2 hours of Elective CE Credit.

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The Art of Pricing

Free 2-Hour Elective Colorado Real Estate CE Course

Getting listings is one thing, selling them is another. As a professional real estate agent, one of the most important duties of your job is to properly price your listings for market. There are many methods to collecting, organizing and presenting the hard data that will give your sellers the information they need to make the important decisions surrounding the pricing and marketing of their home.

The more pricing methods and strategies you understand and can effectively communicate, the better real estate agent you will be.

Free Colorado Real Estate Continuing Education

How to Renew Your Colorado Real Estate License

Steps to Renew Your Active License
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1. Complete Continuing Education

24 total credit hours are required and include a minimum of three (3) 12 credit-hour Colorado Real Estate Commission (CREC) Annual Update Courses. Students must also complete 12 elective credit hours.

Broker Reactivation Course

2. Broker Reactivation Course

If students do not meet the requirements in Step 1, they will need to complete the 24-Hour Broker Reactivation Course or retake and pass the Colorado Real Estate Broker Exam.

Scholarship Availability

3. Pay Your Renewal Fee

Active real estate licensees must renew their license online through the Colorado Real Estate Commission. Additionally, licensees must pay a renewal fee of $195.00.