GRI 301 / Broker Post-License: It’s More Than Just Sales

This module will address four of the most challenging aspects of the real estate business that can make or break a real estate professional on any given day. 

The Internal Revenue Code (IRC) Section 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges allows investors to defer capital gains taxes on the exchange of like-kind properties. Tax-deferred exchanges hold great advantages for investors and real estate licensees. The three approaches to value, as well as the forces that influence them are also explored in some detail. Practical exercises allow the student to apply each approach to real-life situations.

This module also covers two distinct, yet related topics. Property Management and Common Ownership interests in real property. In the property management section of the course we will examine the opportunities available to licensees who wish to participate in property management functions. 

Students will then be introduced to common ownership issues including forms of common ownership. Misconceptions and misunderstood issues of common ownership will be examined.

At the conclusion of this course the student will be able to;

This course does contain numerous exercises and is completed with a comprehensive multiple choice final exam.