Webinar Today! UBIT - It's a Good Thing! 4pm MT

New Direction IRA, Inc. of Lousiville, Colorado is hosting a live webinar on strategies and applications of UBIT.  Students are encouraged to take part in the presentation on this topic.

VanEd has partnered with New Direction IRA, Inc. to present online IRA Investment courses that can be completed for Continuing Education credit in many states. Learn more using the following links:

IRA Investments in Real Estate - Part 1    This course is designed to help you demonstrate more value by giving you the ability to present new real estate investment opportunities to clients and customers.

IRA Investments in Real Estate - Part 2    This course will dig a little deeper into the ins and outs of using IRA investments in real estate. 


UBIT - It's a Good Thing!

Yes it's true, IRAs may be subject to taxes, but only in certain circumstances. This webinar defines when UBIT applies and how to estimate the cost and strategies to avoid it all together. Don't let Unrelated Business Income Tax scare you away from making more money with your IRA! Join us live to learn more about this relatively unknown topic.




Hurry! Webinar begins TODAY at 4pm MST!

Written and Published by: VanEd

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