September Is REALTOR® Safety Month

Over the course of the month VanEd will be reminding all REALTORS® about safety issues surrounding real estate professionals. We will be posting the information and videos that discuss safety and tips to help keep you, and your clients, safe when you are in the field.

Every day real estate professionals are at risk when working in the field, so awareness is critical. Make sure to listen to that little voice inside yourself that tells you when something isn't right. And remember, you are your own best defense!

To get us started we suggest that you view the 8 minute video below to get ideas on how to be safe on the job. You can also find more information via the website by clicking here where you will be able to access articles and information that can help you stay safe.  VanEd continues to post safety information here on our NewsLog as well, which can be accessed through a search or by clicking here.


Written and Published by: VanEd

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