VanEd Presents: Real Estate Marketing ~ Our Newest TREC Approved SAE C

November 7, 2014

VanEd is proud to announce that our newest online course, Real Estate Marketing - No. 0511, is now approved ARELLO deliveryfor 30 hours of SAE credit for Texas REALTORS and Licensees.

This course covers all of the TREC required elements, including real estate professionalism and ethics, characteristics of successful salesperson, time management, psychology of marketing, listing procedures, advertising, negotiating and closing, financing, and the Deceptive Trade Practices-Consumer Protection Act.

To help prepare the student to understand and work with the  principles of marketing within the rules and regulations of the  profession, this course will endeavor to see that at the end of the  course the student will be able to:

How do we decide what to do in any particular situation we encounter where a decision has to be made? What influences act upon us to help us decide on a course of action? Where did you get the guidelines or the inner voice that tells you which way to proceed?

In this course we will examine these important questions in order to create opportunities for students to demonstrate success in their own Real Estate Marketing.


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