Real Estate Background Checks Take Up to 17 Weeks in Colorado

A recent 9 News report on background checks in Colorado found that the Colorado Bereau of Investigation (CBI) is now taking up to 17 weeks to process the requests for background check applications. This can cause a delay for job seekers, including those applying for a real estate license in the state.

New real estate brokers are required to complete a background chek before a license is issued by the Division of Real Estate. VanEd is now recommending that fingerprint cards (along with the appropriate fee) are submitted to the CBI as soon as the applicant is beginning their education. VanEd includes the background information for all new pre-license students in Colorado.

Beginning in 2013 real estate appraisers in Colorado will also be required to complete a background check. VanEd will be posting notices on these requirements as they become effective.

You can watch the report on our blog online by clicking here or read the article posted on the website at

Learn more about submitting fingerprints and getting a background check for a real estate license.

Written and Published by: VanEd

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