Planning on Submitting a CAM Application? Here's what you need to know

With only two weeks left before the July 1st, 2015 Colorado Community Association Manager licensing implementation date, it seems appropriate to cover what those applying at this late date need to do.

The DRE has posted licensing steps, but alternative options may also need to be considered for those who have yet to pass the state exam.

Step 1 - Education

  • Applicants pursuing a CAM license must hold one of the following credentials: CMCA, AMS, PCAM, or the Division of Real Estate alternative credential. As an alternative to holding one of the credentials established in statute an applicant must successfully complete 24 hours of classroom instruction, or equivalent distance learning hours as established by the Director. before they can sit for the state exam.

Step 2 - Exam

  • Scheduling Your Exam: Once you have completed the required education, it is time to schedule your exam. The current exam vendor for the Colorado Division of Real Estate is PSI. Contact PSI Candidate Care Center at (800) 733-9267 to make an exam reservation or click here for the PSI website.

Step 3 - Background Check

  • Submitting Your Fingerprints: Colorado requires a CBI/FBI fingerprint background check for all applicants. Instructions on how to obtain and submit your fingerprints and the background record challenge process are located here.

Step 4 - Insurance

  • Obtaining E&O Insurance: Every active community association management company and licensed sole proprietorship must have in effect a E&O policy covering all acts requiring a license and a crime fidelity insurance policy covering the dishonest acts of all employees.
  • Crime Fidelity Insurance: Every active licensed CAM company and CAM licensed sole proprietorship must have in effect a crime fidelity insurance policy covering the dishonest acts of all employees in the CAM company or CAM sole proprietorship.

Step 5 - Apply!

Now the fun begins!  The Application forms are all available online using the link here, but before you begin you can save time and energy by identifying what type of license you will be applying for.

You can view the licensing options in the handy grid below.  Then open the application online.

Licensed Community Association Manager Provisional License Apprentice License
Completed Education, Passed Required State Exam and Background Check Completed Education, Sat for but did NOT pass Required State Exam, Completed Background Check No Education Requirements, Must pass Background Check
Ready to Apply! Apply for Provisional License - Valid through December 31st, 2015 Must work under a CAM (Designated Manager), license valid for one year


Written and Published by: VanEd

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