Why Should You Become A VanEd Marketing Referral Affiliate?

Why Should You Become A VanEd Marketing Referral Affiliate?

If you understand real estate and love helping people find their way through the industry, the VanEd Marketing Referral Affiliate program is for you. Our program lets you earn cash for promoting a brand you already know and trust.

Since 1997, VanEd has been a trusted real estate school that has helped over 150,000 people reach their real estate goals. VanEd provides real estate education for pre-licensing, continuing education, GRI designation, broker, and appraisal.

Who Can Be A VanEd Marketing Referral Affiliate?

VanEd Real Estate School helps professionals in all areas of the industry as they advance through their careers. Whether you are an existing real estate school, brokerage firm, or a REALTOR®️ Association, by taking advantage of VanEd’s affiliate program, you can enhance your education offerings and maximize revenue. 

The only requirements for becoming a VanEd Marketing Referral Affiliate are:

  1. Have an active real estate license
  2. Have completed a VanEd course in continuing education

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What Are The Benefits Of Being A VanEd Marketing Referral Affiliate?

The VanEd Marketing Referral Affiliate program provides a long list of benefits to those who choose to participate. Not only can you start earning cash right away, but you also get special discounts on VanEd purchases.

All affiliate-linked purchases on VanEd automatically generate a 15% commission to the affiliate. It is as simple as that!

Here is a list of all the benefits of our affiliate program:

  • 15% affiliate payout
  • Commission payouts for sales generated on VanEd.com
  • $160 average order value
  • Affiliate channel exclusive coupons and discounts  

Not only are these benefits profitable and rewarding, but this program has an unlimited earnings potential. There is no cap to how many people can sign up for courses using your affiliate link, meaning you earn as much as you put into promoting your affiliate program.

How Do You Become A VanEd Marketing Referral Affiliate?

Becoming an affiliate with VanEd is a quick and straightforward process. Using these three steps, you can immediately start earning money through our affiliate program.

How to start earning money with the VanEd Marketing Referral Affiliate program:

Step 1: Sign up for a Commission Junction (CJ) account

Step 2: Share your referral link or code with your friends, family, and coworkers

Step 3: Immediately start earning! You’ll receive 15% of every purchase made using your CJ affiliate code!

Our Tips On How To Earn More

Once you sign up for the VanEd Marketing Referral Affiliate program, you are ready to start earning.

There are countless ways to start earning through this program. Here are a few recommended ways to get your affiliate code in the world.

Promote VanEd

VanEd affiliates should start by telling their friends, family, and coworkers about their experience using VanEd courses. Word of mouth is one of the best ways to promote your affiliate code.

Hearing about a positive experience from a trusted source boosts confidence in a buying decision. Opening up about your positive experience with VanEd in your network is a great place to start.

Tip: Attach an affiliate link to the signature section of your email.

Share your knowledge on social media

Use your social media platform to promote your affiliate link and set aside your brand as someone who can be trusted.

Sharing your experiences and helpful tips on your professional social media accounts helps promote your affiliate link and expands and broadens your network. Social media is an excellent way for potential clients to know you are available in their area. It is where you will spend time posting about who you are and why you are the real estate professional they should use.

Becoming a resource to people who want to know more about the real estate industry may ignite a desire for others to become real estate professionals.

To learn more about using social media to promote your real estate business, check out our 5 Best Social Media Sites For Real Estate blog.

Written and Published by: VanEd

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