HUD issues Fair Housing assessment tools

Assessment Tool for Public Housing Agencies

To facilitate the public review and comment process, the following additional items are provided:

  • version of the Assessment Tool, with edits marked in redline, for purposes of comparing the proposed Assessment Tool for Public Housing Agencies with the version of the Assessment Tool that was issued for use by local government agencies is available here in word format..

  • Examples of Maps and Tables that are under development by HUD to assist program participants in completing their Assessments of Fair Housing.

    • A brief explanation of the example maps and tables is provided here. For a copy of the table layout example of publicly supported housing data referenced in the explanation is provided here.
    • Copies of the sample tables can be downloaded as a PDF file here. Or in an Excel file here.
    • Copies of the sample maps can be downloaded as zip file here. Sample maps are provided at two levels of geography: the Jurisdiction (PHA Service Area) level; and the Region level.

To download the Jurisdiction (PHA Service Area) sample maps, click here.

To download the Region level sample maps, click here.

PRA Renewal of the Assessment Tool for Local Governments

On March 23, 2016, HUD issued a notice on to renew the AFFH Assessment Tool for Local Governments under the Paperwork Reduction Act with 60 days for public review and comment. The Assessment Tool for Local Governments was initially issued for public effect on December 31, 2015. The Office of Management and Budget approved the use of this information collection instrument for a period of one year. HUD is initiating the process for the renewal of this Assessment Tool pursuant to the Paperwork Reduction Act (PRA). The PRA requires two public comment periods – a public comment period of 60 days (which is being initiated by the March 23, 2016 notice) and a second comment period of 30 days. After consideration of the public comments submitted in response to this notice, HUD will solicit a second round of public comments for a period of 30 days.

The Federal Register Notice announcing the public comment period can be found at this link.

A PDF copy of the Federal Register Notice is available here.

To submit comments on the Assessment Tool, use this link.

Reviewers should refer to the existing Assessment Tool for Local Governments, which can be accessed on HUDUSER here, and on the HUD Exchange website here.

Reviewers may also refer to the AFFH Data and Mapping Tool to facilitate their review.

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