How to Look Up Your Colorado Real Estate License Online

How to Look Up Your Colorado Real Estate License Online

It can be challenging to understand how to look up your Colorado real estate license. Whether you are trying to check on your real estate license status or look up another real estate agent’s license status, this is a valuable tool to ensure licenses are up-to-date. You need to take several steps to look up a Colorado real estate license and view its status.

By following these three simple steps, you can look up a Colorado real estate license and check the license’s status.

Step 1: Visit the Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA) Website

Navigate to Colorado Department of Regulatory Agencies (DORA), Division of Real Estate online portal, eLicense Online. This online portal allows anyone to conduct a Colorado real estate license search.

Step 2: Fill Out the License Lookup Form

Enter the following information into the form:

DORA eLicense Online License Look Up Form


You do not need to enter information into every field. You can, for example, search a last name and leave the remaining fields blank. The search results will then display every licensee with that last name in the database.

Less specific searches will make it more difficult to find a particular individual. So, try to be as specific as possible. If you do not find the result you are looking for, try making your search less specific.

Step 3: View the License Lookup Results

After entering your information and clicking “search,” you will see a results page with the following information:

Name The name of an individual or business
DBA DBA stands for “Doing Business As.” This means that the specific agent does business under a business name instead of their name.
Credential A credential is the License number assigned to the listed individual or business. Different kinds of credentials start with varying letters that relate to what type of license earned for that business or individual.
License Level The license level indicates the specific type of license the business or individual works under.
Company / Responsible Party The company or responsible party listed indicates the company or broker that employs the real estate professional.
Address The street address of an individual or business
City The city of an individual or business
State The state of an individual or business
Zip Code The zip code of an individual or business
Phone Number The phone number of an individual or business
Status This shows whether an individual or business is active or under a different operating situation.
Disciplinary Actions This is where any disciplinary actions against the agent or business are listed.
*Active License A current and up-to-date license of a practicing real estate professional. Active licenses are valid for three years before professionals must renew.
*Inactive License An inactive license belongs to an individual who qualifies for a license but is not practicing real estate.
*Expired License An expired license belongs to an individual who once practiced as a real estate professional but did not renew their license.

*Different Real Estate License Statuses

A real estate license status will appear as active, inactive, or expired.

Why Is My Real Estate Status Shown As Inactive?

If your real estate status is inactive, one or more of the following situations likely applies to you:

Learn more about inactive real estate licenses.

  • You did not provide required fingerprints
  • You have unfilled education requirements
  • You owe fees

How Do I Renew My Colorado Real Estate License?

  1. Complete your 12-hour Colorado Real Estate Commission (CREC) course update.
  2. Complete your 12-hour approved elective Continuing Education Credits.
  3. Make sure to complete all 24 hours of courses before your license renewal date.

Learn more about how to renew your real estate license.

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