New Course: Real Estate Brokerage in Texas (SAE)

New Course: Real Estate Brokerage in Texas (SAE)

Real Estate Brokerage - No. 751

This 30-Credit Hour course is required by the Real Estate Commission in order to apply to upgrade to the Broker level of authority.  

The course covers the practical application of laws, rules and sound business practices for the management, operation and supervision of a real estate brokerage company. This course of study is required by the Real Estate Commission in order to upgrade a real estate license to the Employing, Managing or Supervising Broker level of authority. Candidates wishing to upgrade will also be required to meet other criteria.

Students will review the pros and cons of opening a brokerage and be introduced to resources available as they look towards success in the industry.

This is a comprehensive Brokerage course. At the conclusion of this course, students will;

  • Be able to recognize state government functions as they relate to real estate
  • Analyze the taxation of business and then compare and forecast based on projections
  • Illustrate the requirements for an office policy
  • Be able to support their associates by recognizing good and bad business practices
  • Differentiate between the responsibilities of managing an experienced broker vs. an inexperienced broker

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