Permanent Rule-Making Hearing for CAM Licensing set for March 4th

Community Association Managers


Ralph L. Carr Colorado Judicial Center

Conference Room 1D

2 East 14th Avenue

Denver, CO 80203

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

10:00 a.m.


Order of Business by the Director


Call to Order


Rule-making Hearing:

A. Director Water Opens Rule-making Hearing -


A Rules - License Qualifications, Applications & Examinations

B Rules - Continuing Education

C Rules - Licensing - Office

D Rules - Renewal, Transfer, Inactive License, Reinstatement & Insurance

E Rules - Separate Accounts - Records - Accountings

F Rules - Professional Standards - Investigations

G Rules - Declaratory Orders

H Rules - Exceptions and Director Review of Initial Decisions


B. Testimony from Interested Parties

C. Comments/Questions from the Director

D. Adjourn Rule-making Hearing

Note that the agenda is subject to change. Guests are typically allowed between 3-5 minutes to speak on any one issue and we expect a number of interested parties to speak at the hearing.  If you have comments or questions about CAM licensing in Colorado, visit our CAM pages online at

Written and Published by: VanEd

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