New Course - Missouri GRI 401: Working with Buyers

VanEd - Missouri Real Estate School is proud to announce our newest GRI, Graduate REALTOR® Institute program partner, the  Missouri Association of REALTORS®. And in conjunction with MAR today we announce the availability of the first of our new online MAR GRI courses, GRI 401: Working with Buyers.

Today's market is constantly evolving, being shaped not only by changing market conditions but also by growing consumer demands and expectations. In order to achieve long-term success, REALTORS® must first equip themselves with tools for continued professional growth. Only then are they prepared to meet the growing demands and expectations of today's consumers. By developing strategies to target various segments of buyers, REALTORS® can tailor the benefits they offer to meet the needs of consumers in every market.

Upon completion of this course, students will be able to:

  • Develop a set of concrete personal and professional goals and implement strategies to achieve these goals by effectively managing their time and efforts.
  • Describe how individual REALTORS® - and the industry as a whole - respond to the expectations of today's consumers through the services and benefits they offer.
  • Identify specific marketing activities that appeal to today's consumers.
  • Explain how to select properties, using traditional and nontraditional sources.
  • Describe what area, neighborhood and property features are important to buyers.
  • Properly prepare buyers for the purchase process by setting realistic expectations.
  • Identify techniques to effectively present offers, handle objections and manage the transaction through a successful closing.

As the Nations largest single GRI course provider, VanEd is proud to provide the GRI program on-line for the State REALTOR® Associations in Colorado, Wyoming, South Dakota and Nebraska. And VanEd is proud to announce the introduction of the Missouri Association of REALTORS® into our growing GRI family.  Click on the links to learn more about earning the GRI in your state, or visit GRI Designations for more information.

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