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Feb29It happens to be a leap day and we figured there was no better way to celebrate that with a new online course! (and no education site would be worth its salt if it didn't include a link to more information about leap day, and maybe even Leap Day William - so here ya go - Leap Day 2012: Read More by clicking here)

It's no secret that short sales are a part of our marketplace and will be long into the future. Learning quickly and efficiently how to process a short sale is a critical skill all real estate professionals need to know. The 101 of Processing Short Sales course is designed to give the student the opportunity to quickly discover the path to handling short sale transactions.

This course will serve as an introductory guide to handling short sale transactions, qualifying buyers and will give students some best practices for working with the lien holders who hold the key to a successful short sale transaction. After completing this two hour course, you will be able to:

  • Identify the parties involved in a short sale transaction 
  • Educate your clients about the available options to avoid foreclosure
  • Ask the proper questions in order to achieve the customers desired outcome 
  • Explain what qualifies as a 'hardship' that would lead to a successful short sale
  • Build your book of business – no matter the market conditions!

Don't let important strategies or tools pass you by in the new real estate economy. Log on today to learn this timely and valuable information and to prepare yourself for future success.    >>> Click Here for more information!  or to Register today!

This class may also be offered in the classroom. Visit the VanEd website to see if there is a live presentation available. The most successful people in real estate choose VanEd.

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