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The CFPB recently posted the following article on its website. We have published the notice in its entirety below for our students;

Rule gives consumers additional rights to information on how a home value is determined

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Today the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) adopted a new rule that requires mortgage lenders to provide applicants with free copies of all appraisals and other home-value estimates. The rule will ensure that consumers can receive information prior to closing about how the property’s value was determined.

“This rule will guarantee consumers can receive important information on how a lender determines the value of the home,” said CFPB Director Richard Cordray. “Having this information available promptly makes it easier for loan applicants to make informed decisions.”

Appraisals and other estimates of a home’s value are generally used by mortgage lenders to inform their decisions. Consumers are typically charged for the costs related to conducting an appraisal; however, currently the law does not require that consumers receive a copy of the appraisal unless they request it and does not require that consumers receive a copy of any other estimates of the home’s value.

The Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform and Consumer Protection Act requires that lenders give consumers a copy of each appraisal or other estimate free of charge although a lender generally may still charge the consumer a reasonable fee for the cost of conducting the appraisal or other estimate. The Bureau’s new rule implements these requirements.

Today’s rule also requires that creditors inform consumers within three days of receiving an application for a loan of their right to receive copy of all appraisals. Creditors will then be required to provide the copies of appraisal reports and other written home-value estimates to consumers promptly, or three days before closing, whichever is earlier. The new rule will go into effect in January 2014 and will apply to first-lien mortgages.

The final rule is available at:

A summary of the CFPB’s rule is available at:

Today, in partnership with several other federal regulatory agencies, the Bureau is also adopting a new rule that establishes special requirements concerning appraisals for higher-priced mortgage loans. The new rule creates an additional level of due diligence by requiring that creditors use a licensed or certified appraiser to prepare the written appraisal report based on a physical inspection of the property. The rule also requires creditors to disclose to applicants information about the purpose of the appraisal and provide consumers with a free copy of any appraisal report.

The interagency higher-priced appraisals rule for higher-priced mortgage loans is available at:

A summary of the interagency rule is available at:

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