Colorado Division of Real Estate Announces Education Audit

The Division of Real Estates informed brokers (via email) that the audits will begin in October and that brokers will be chosen at random to participate. The email notification process (based on license number) will outline instructions for how licensees should respond to the audit. Fines for failure to comply range from $250 to $500. Brokers will need to respond as quickly as possible to the audit notifications.

For those licensees who do not have certificates, do not have the required 24 hours of education or have less than the 12 hours of mandatory Annual Commission Update course hours there are four ways to comply with license law;

  1. Pass the Colorado portion of the state exam
  2. Complete the 24-hour Brokerage Administration course
  3. Complete the 24-hour Broker Transition course, or
  4. Complete Colorado Contracts & Regulations and Real Estate Closings courses (Pre-License)

For complete license renewal information for Colorado licensees please visit the VanEd CE Requirements page online by visiting You will also find information on how to prepare for an education audit on our site.


Please Note: Not every licensee will be audited by the DRE. Only those who are notified via e-mail will be audited at this time.


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Written and Published by: VanEd

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