Basic Residential Real Estate Investments Course Now Available

While new and emerging technology, the advent of social media and the use of services and applicationschange how we perform our daily tasks, real estate professionals must still be able to perform basic financial analysis in order to help clients and customers determine te effectiveness of any investment in real estate.

In our updated course, Basic Residential Investments, we will examine how to determine if an investment will meet the needs of your consumers. Buying real estate as an investment can be a sound practice but it requires research, understanding the market place and financial stability for tying up money for long term.  Students will be introduced to how these concepts are applied in analyzing real estate investments. You will learn the fundamentals of how leveraging effects an investors Rate of Return, the potential profit as well as the potential risks incurred when purchasing investment property.

Students will also be introduced to various concepts, including:

  • Basic factors affecting investment in real property 
  • The fundamentals of how leveraging affects investment in real estate
  • Methods used in choosing investment property

Don't let outdated strategies or ideas plague your business plan in the new real estate economy. Log on today to learn this timely and valuable information and to prepare yourself for future success. Course Details You can also find this course in our Real Estate Investment 16 Hour package for Colorado Brokers.

Written and Published by: VanEd

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