5 Most Profitable Real Estate Niches in 2022

Real Estate

The rich really are different – and so is their real estate. Whether we're talking about residential or commercial property, the luxury market is infinitely, but just as difficult to break into. It requires an entirely different approach to networking, marketing, and mortgaging.

Residential Real Estate

Residential Sales Agents (or Brokers) facilitate the sale of single-family homes between individuals or families. Residential real estate is the largest area of practice. It also has the lowest barrier of entry. No college degree required, just real estate pre-license courses.

Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Sales Agents (or Brokers) facilitate the sale of office buildings, retail centers, and other commercial properties between businesses or real estate investors. The deals are bigger but take longer, and these agents usually need a 4-year degree in business, finance, or a similar field.

Farm or Ranch Real Estate

Sometimes commercial (as a land subspecialty) and sometimes residential (for small family operations), properties used for agriculture and/or horse stabling require specialized knowledge to value and market them properly.

Real Estate

Green or eco-friendly real estate is growing all the time, both in the residential and commercial sectors. It requires understanding and enthusiasm for cutting edge green technologies.