Appraiser Exam Prep - Trainee/Ad Valorem Exam

Appraiser Exam Prep - Trainee/Ad Valorem Exam

Developed by Appraisal's number one authors: Henry S. Harrison MAI,SRPA,ASA,IFAS,DREI and Burton Lee MAI,FRICS,CDEI

For the trainee level of licensure, our 100% online program is an effective review course based the new 2008 educational requirements set forth by the AQB.

The coursework reviews all of the basic material from Basic Appraisal Principles, Basic Appraisal Procedures, Report Writing, and the USPAP standards which an appraisal student needs to pass the trainee level qualifying exam (where applicable). Includes over 300 pages of review material, 1500 practice exam questions, and a 1500 term glossary

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Our testing system that tells you exactly what topics you need to review the most and where to find that information.

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