TREC Legal Update 2 - No. 29623 - Real Estate Licensing Course

TREC Legal Update 2 - No. 29623

In cooperation with the Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC), the Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University developed this real estate legal update curriculum with the assistance of an advisory committee of active commissioners, licensees, attorneys and education providers. Real estate licensees in Texas are required to complete this Legal Update CE course in each license cycle.

Texas real estate licensees face a changing marketplace in which quick decisions can make the difference in closing a transaction. Maintaining competence in this increasingly competitive profession demands that licensees receive up-to-date information on current legal issues. The goal of each new edition of the TREC Legal Update courses is to continue challenging licensees to maintain high standards.

Course Outline/Lessons

  • Unit 1 - Canons of Professional Ethics
  • Unit 2 - Fair Housing Laws
  • Unit 3 - Agency Laws
  • Unit 4 - DTPA
  • Unit 5 - Hot Topics
  • Unit 6 - Tax Laws

This course includes an appendix, has numerous exercises and quizzes and is completed with a final exam.