Real Estate Marketing - NEW

Real Estate License Course Details

In this Course we will focus on professionalism and ethics, the characteristics of a successful salesperson, time management, the psychology of marketing, listing procedures, advertising, negotiating and closing, real estate financing and Deceptive Trade Practices and Consumer Protections Acts and how those topics impact marketing.

We will also cover key terminology that students can use in their marketing, as well as what they cannot say, to drive traffic, listings and ultimately sales.

Table of Contents

Unit 1 – Real Estate Professionalism and Ethics

Unit 2 – Characteristics of the Successful Salesperson

Unit 3 – Time Management

Unit 4 – Psychology of Marketing

Unit 5 – Listing Procedures

Unit 6 – Advertising

Unit 7 – Negotiating and Closing

Unit 8 – Financing

Unit 9 – Deceptive Trade Practices-Consumer Protection Act

Students can expect numerous exercises, quizzes, case studies and the course will be completed with a cumulative final exam. All elements presented in the course are required for course completion.