Marijuana and Colorado Real Estate - Up in Smoke

Real Estate Continuing Education Course

Course Description

Welcome to the here and now!
This course is meant to give Colorado real estate licensees some deeper background into the nuts and bolts of legalized marijuana cultivation and sales in the state and how those affect the real estate industry.

Course Topics

This course focuses on the following topics:
•    Health Consequences
•    Market Impact
•    Property Management Concerns
•    Summing It Up

Course Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
•    Summarize current marijuana law: who can grow and what does it take to do so
•    Identify why and how marijuana is impacting the real estate market
•    Define marijuana and housing issues from a legal perspective
•    List the biggest concerns for property managers and owners regarding renting space for marijuana cultivation
•    Summarize concerns for brokers, owners, buyers, and sellers regarding selling and purchasing properties affected by marijuana use
•    Discuss proper disclosure for brokers and property managers

Approved States: CO