Real Estate Investment and Management

Real Estate Continuing Education Course

Course Description

This course will provide an introduction to the fundamentals of real estate investment, covering topics such as property comparison, investment management, and basic financing models. By the end of the course, licensees will also understand fair housing requirements as they pertain to investment properties and will be able to delve into site assessment and property evaluation. In this course, learners will be exposed to the basic characteristics of investment real estate. We will discuss how to compare properties, what it means to manage investment real estate, and basic financing models. Learners completing this course will also be able to identify fair housing requirements and will be able to further discuss site assessment and property evaluation.

Topic Covered

This course focuses on the following topics:

  • Introduction to Real Estate Investing
  • Real Estate Investment Pricing and Tax Considerations
  • Managing Real Estate Investments  
  • Fair Housing
  • Financial Terminology
  • Financing Real Estate Investments
  • Risk/Profit
  • Analysis
  • Investment Calculator Exercises

Learning Objectives

Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:

  • Demonstrate competence to represent and advise consumers regarding prospective real estate investments.
  • Define terms that pertain to real estate investment, property management, and investor financing.
  • Identify property management responsibilities.
  • Advise consumers regarding existing real estate investment decisions.
  • Identify important factors in the taxation of real estate investment properties including 1031 exchanges.
  • Explain fair housing rules, law,s and regulations as they pertain to investors.
  • Identify the protected characteristics that fall under federal and state fair housing laws and the best practices for compliance.
  • Analyze real estate investment profitability on behalf of consumers
  • Identify consumer topics in real estate investment that fall outside of the scope of real estate practice and require referral to real estate attorneys and accountants.
  • Understand consumer behavior in relation to real estate investing.
  • Advise consumers in financial analysis and pricing strategies for investment properties.
  • Analyze the methodologies to select the "best" site given the needs of the client and the property available at the time.
  • Determine the commercial site best suited for a business within the budget of the client.

Approved States: CO