74 Ways to Sell Your Listings in Today's Market

Real Estate Continuing Education Course


There is so much we as listing agents can do to serve our sellers, regardless of the state of the local real estate market and the economy. We aren't helpless. We aren’t powerless when it comes to selling houses. Even in a difficult market, we have far more power and control over whether our listings sell than we give ourselves credit for.
This course is about how to sell those listings you work so hard to get, so that you actually see a paycheck for your efforts and, of course, get yourself a delighted seller who will be happy to refer business to you for years to come. Because it doesn’t matter if you’re the best FSBO converter on the planet—or have an expired campaign to die for—if you can’t sell those listings you’re so good at getting, then what’s the point?

Cousre Outline

This course focuses on the following lessons:

  • Preparation and Pricing
  • Pricing, Condition and Accessibility
  • Challenges, Checklists and Marketing
  • Advertising, Inspection & Appraisal
  • Evaluating Your Listings

Course Objectives

Upon completion of the course, you will be able to:

  • Understand Why the first 30 days are critical in any listing
  • Explain What motivates us during the initial listing period
  • Understand What information we should be gathering during this time
  • Explain What happens after the first 30 days - i.e. What is at risk
  • Relate the value of accessibility
  • Recognize the impact of price reductions and underpricing
  • Describe the importance of property condition
  • Explain how to reduce the potential for hurt feelings during a transaction
  • Recognize the importance for real estate professionals to do only what they are hired to do. Do not exceed your responsibilities during a transaction (i.e. acting like a home inspector)
  • Discuss the need for good correspondence. Anything observed or overheard which may be of importance should be recorded.
  • Identify the need to stage properties.
  • Recognize the need for having the appropriate checklists to help identify areas of concern.
  • Define the need for the real estate professional to ask questions about any "red flags" that they may find, see, or smell
  • Define advertising, offers, inspection, appraisal and elaborate on how to handle each
  • Take simple steps you can take that will ease the transaction for the most important people - your clients and customers.

Approved States: CO